Wrestling Revolution 3D Mod Apk Latest 2021 (Unlocked ALL)

Are you a wrestling fan also? And want to play like the wrestling heroes? Download a wrestling revolution 3D mod apk and get your dream in your controls.

Wrestling is a word, famous for ages and the people inn the world mostley man are more inclined towards wrestling. Most of the people are wrestling fans too and watch the wrestling tournaments with great enthusiasm and interest.

WWE wrestling revolution is a game for the people who are widely interested in wrestling and are fans of the wrestling heroes. Wrestling revolution 3 provides a great experience to gamers around the world. The wrestlers in the game have great skills, moves with those they can give their opponent a bitter defeat while being in a wrestling ring.

WWE wrestling revolution 3d mod gives you all the features of the game for free. When you have a wrestling revolution 3d hack tool, then you don’t have to worry about the unlocking of modes and other things.

In this article we have brought for you a complete guide that how you can download the wrestling revolution WWE mod, what will be the features that you get for free with the wrestling revolution 3d pro license apk, what is the gameplay of wrestling revolution 3d games, some additional information about wrestling revolution pro apk, and a little more.

Features Of Wrestling Revolution 3D Mod Apk

Some important features that you should know before the download of wrestling revolution 3d mod apk are

Build A Team In Wrestling Revolution 3d

The game offers a feature to its players in which the player can build a team of wrestlers and when a wrestler from this team wins a match the whole team will get benefitted from the rewards.

With the wrestling download, you are going to enjoy this feature of building a team for free.

Wrestling Revolution 4d Challenges & Missions

The gameplay is not simple. To get success in the game you have to complete the missions and the challenges that come with every proceeding level. The difficulty level in the game is increases as yyou proceed in the game.

Download wrestling revolution 3d new version and enjoy completing the challenges and getting the rewards.

Wrestlers Upgradations

As with every increasing level in the game the difficulty increases. This happens because the opponent is getting strong with every ascending level.

To give your strong opponent a defeat you have to upgrade your wrestler skills also.

This upgradations is for free when you download the wrestling revolution 3d wwe mod v3.

Wrestling Modes

The game offers many kind of different modes to the players. These include the tag modes for the team gameplay and many others to attract its players. These modes are locked when you download the original wr3d WWE. But when you download the wrestling mod apk from our link you will get all these modes unlocked in the first opening of the game.


The controls of the game are easy to handle. The game wr3d WWE offers some simple controls for having some intense fights. You can make interesting combos also in the game by playing with the action keys

Enjoy all these with the wr3d new mod.

Graphics & Sound

Let’s talk some about graphics of the wrestling revolution 3d pro license apk.

The graphics of the wrestling revolution 3d is developed on the 3d engine. This brings a real visual experience for the players. In the wrestling revolution 2d(mod apk) the graphics are pretty simple but wr3d wwe the graphics have evolved much and giving the players a whole new experience.

The wrestling ring and the audience got some serious vibrant colors. These colors make the game interesting and more enjoyable. This gives an authentic feel of wrestling.

Wrestling revolution 3d download for pc and wrestling revolution pro apk free download for android both give the same graphics to experience and the player will experience not a little change in both the downloads

Wrestling Revolution 3D Gameplay

The gameplay of the WWE wrestling revolution 3d mod apk is close to the real gameplay of wrestling.

In the first stage, the players are advised to play career mode in which they build their skills and moves, and then they are allowed to be in the tournaments, matches, and missions. With every proceeding tournament, the difficulty level increases hence, the player has to evolve his wrestlers’ skills also with every new tournament.

When the wrestler wins some specific tournament he will be awarded the rewards and belts.

In short, the game is offering an authentic virtual wrestling experience to its players.

Go, download the wrestling revolution 3 and get into a fight with the professional wrestlers.

Additional Information of Wrestling Revolution 3d

Let’s get into some additional information about the wrestling revolution 3d wwe mod v3

  • It gets updated 3 days ago
  • The current version of the wr3d WWE is 1.71
  • Android required for the successful download of the wrestling revolution pro apk is android 4.0
  • He genre of the game is sports
  • The developers of the game are MDickie.
  • The size of the file is 34M

How To Download Wrestling Revolution ?

For having a successful download of wrestling revolution 3d mod apk, you have to get in these following steps.

  • Download the file by clicking on the download button below.
  • The file will get downloaded in 3 to 4 mins.
  • Get the downloaded file on your device and install it.

Wrestling Revolution Installation

Proper installation requires the following steps.

  • Open the file manager and get the downloaded file.
  • First, allow the installation from unknown sources also.
  • Click on the install button and the game will be ready to play in 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Start the game and get into a wrestling battle.


Yes, now the wrestling games are accessible by everyone from everywhere. You can play the wrestling revolution 3d online without getting it to install on your device. Just you need to be connected with a strong internet connection and then you can enjoy the game.

You can download the wrestling revolution 3d mod apk, by following the following steps.

  • You have to search on explorer or any web engine with the same title.
  • Get the file from the download link.
  • Then you have to install it on your device.
  • The game is all set to be played.

Consider the following things if you want to excel in the wrestling game

  • Train your wrestler in the career mode. Make him learn some new skills and moves.
  • Be proficient with the controls.
  • Always go for the most powerful wrestler on the list.
  • Try to make combos by using combined keys.

Retirement happens due to age, injury, or health issues. There is no option of retiring your wrestler manually in the wrestling revolution.


Time to give a conclusion to the above discussion.

The wrestling revolution is a game that impresses fight lover players from all around the world. This is made for someone who is a fan of wrestling and wanted to have a real experience of wrestling.

The game is made to give a virtual experience to its players about wrestling. The modes, challenges, missions, and tournaments are the same as that, they are in the real life of a wrestler.

The player can upgrade his wrestler’s skills and powers too in the game and can have benefited from these.

If you like wrestling revolution pro apk, please let us know in the comment section below. Also, let your friends know about this free download and its unlimited free features.


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