Traffic Rider Apk Download (Updated/New Features)

Traffic Rider Apk

You will surely enjoy this game if you love motorbikes and racing. You’ll be glued to the screen for hours playing Traffic Rider APK for Android. Do you like to navigate traffic? Yes. Do you like bikes? Yes. Do you like endless fun? Here’s your chance. Why is this game different from others? The game is notable for its stunning graphics, customizable options, realistic gameplay, and a variety of challenges you must complete. The only thing you have to worry about is a motorbike and your way down the highway. Are you interested in learning more? Continue reading!

Players will embark on an exciting journey in this game. Traffic Rider offers a full career mode that takes endless racing to the next level. Even with the use of next-generation graphics, arcade racing hasn’t lost any of its essence. In the game, players follow a path where they have to dodge obstacles and complete missions. In addition to being available in over 18 different languages, this game is also free. If you play the game initially, you will have to complete specific tasks, and you will eventually get bicycles and other features.

This Racing game offers a wide range of genres you can choose from to pass your time. This game is also available in more than 18 different languages, so you can enjoy it no matter where you are or what time of day it is. Alternatively, you can download it from Google Play Store for free whenever you want. When you start playing, you will have to complete missions and tasks in order to earn other bikes and features.


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Over 100+ million people have downloaded Traffic Rider Apk, a popular racing game. Both Android and iOS versions are available. Traffic Rider is available from the Google Play Store for Android phones. In addition, Traffic Rider For iOS is available on the Apple App Store. You must move as fast as you can in this game. You must select a bike with a lot of power. Adapt it and take on the challenge. You can easily pass behind vehicles on the highway while your bike is running at high speed.

Customization goes beyond the bikes in Traffic Rider, which is another great feature. You can change the graphics and language in this game and the music, sound effects, and graphics. You can choose from 19 different languages! Moreover, you can customize the settings to fit your specific needs by heading to the settings section.

It is possible to customize the bikes themselves down to the smallest details. The bikes can be customized with colors, stickers, and gloves. Does it get any better than that? Isn’t it great that you can choose from 29 bikes in the game? With more cash earned, you will be able to unlock more. It sounds like a win-win, doesn’t it? You can also fully customize the controls!

Features of Traffic Rider

Different Languages:

You can download and play this Traffic Rider Apk game in your free time no matter where you live or what language you speak. It is available in more than 19 languages. As one of the top game lists in many countries, this game deserves your attention if you haven’t played it yet.

Be in the Middle:

You must have just as good a reaction time as a driver in Traffic Rider. But what if there is a double blockage of your path? What do you do if you have to decide between steering left or right? Take the middle road! Unlike just crashing into them and losing them, crashing into the vehicles could cost you more than just losing them. As a bonus, near-misses like these will earn you more rewards. To keep you from crashing and earn big rewards, you have to practice maneuvering in the middle!

Tons of Motorbikes:

Traffic Rider Apk include 20 different motorbikes with various unique characteristics. Besides being the most powerful, they are the slowest when it comes to acceleration. Contrary to this, the fastest will not be as fast as those with high acceleration. Every bike is painted differently as well.

How to Download and Install Traffic Rider Apk

  1. When you are on our website, just click on the Download Button, which will redirect you to the new page. 
  2. Now again, you get the button here. Again click on it, and you can see the game start downloading.
  3. Open the Apk File from the File Manager app and then tap on the install button.


Question 1: Is Traffic Rider a good game?

Answer: Overall, Traffic Rider is a great game for racing fans or for those who merely need to satisfy their speed craving. Ads and in-app purchases are available in the free Windows Phone game.


Gamers all over the world enjoy playing Traffic Rider Apk, one of the most popular racing games. Hundreds of millions of people have downloaded it from the Play Store due to its impressive features, such as Bikes, Roads Environment, and Bike Speed. This game is a must-have if you enjoy playing games. You will be addicted after playing it a couple of times.

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