Sonic Forces Mod APK Latest 2021 ( Speed battle , Unlimited Loader )

Are you the person who loves to play a fast and adventurous game? You would remember the Italian Super Mario on our computers but now the time has changed. People are moving toward a more convenient way of playing games. The best adventurous game is now available on your android phone which is Sonic Forces Mod loader APK. You are a sonic superhero in the game where you cannot stop running. Sonic forces speed battle hack apk game is where you have to catch the enemies and save the world.

Sonic Forces is not just a normal game and trust me there is a reason why it is called a battle game. It is a thought-provoking game where you have to develop the strategies to win the game rather than just running.

In this article, we will provide material about how to acquire sonic forces cheats engine , sonic forces crack, and speed hack. You will get to know how to install sonic forces free download for pc.


Cool Key features of  Sonic mode apk :

Interesting characters:

There are several characters available in the game. Each character is designed uniquely with the different abilities that are called items. For example, if you choose a bird, it can jump high, if you choose a hedge dog, he can run fast. There is a list of the unique characters who have leading power over their friends. Details of each character are given which you can read before choosing the character.

Graphics and design:

No doubt that sonic features are more vibrant and cooler in the pc mode. But the developer has made interesting graphics for mobile as well. The graphics of the characters are sharp, attractive, and colorful. Interesting and fun voices come when we attack or dodge.

No ads:

The sonic mode apk comes with no ads which is the best thing, So go and download the game  Play without ads and share with your friends.


Unlock all the amazing characters:

Your character will run in the sonic forces apk by the system. Your character is among the four unlocked characters with Cream, Amy, and Tails after you download sonic forces mod apk. You can also unlock other characters.

The new version of the sonic forces has introduced 38 characters. They are classified as Special, Rare, Super rare, and common. This label shows the power level. There is also skills level given, named acceleration, strength, and speed.


Free rewards:

Every time you will play sonic forces mod, you will be rewarded with the Battle chest. Moreover, you can win the victory chest  box if you are in the top three runners.

Gold rings are the common reward and easier way to collect. Gold rings will be used to upgrade the runners.

Cards can be also used to upgrade the runner so you can level up. Cards come from the chests.

Sonic forces have the premium currency called Red Star Rings. If you are lucky, you can get in from the chest otherwise you have to buy it with real money.


Exciting and challenging gameplay

Once you have started the game, the runner will keep running until the character dies. The character will crash into the other runners, overcome the obstacles and attack the enemies to save the world.

The gameplay is very modest. On the mobile, you will just touch the screen while the character will be running. Move the character right to left or left to right so you can pass the hindrances. Either through jumping or dodging. Click on the weapon button to aim and shoot. You do not have to worry about the speed of running because it is controlled by the system.

Points will increase as you pass the scene. As your score rises, you can upgrade your Sonic forces features such as new battle tools, alter the weapons, rise skill’s speed. You should try to play for a longer period if you want to get maximum points in sonic force apk.

Sonic forces mod apk comes with a multiplayer mode where can play with at least 1 friend and enjoy. Have a game night with your buddies and challenge each other in which you will enjoying as well as playing. It is one of the brightest games of this era. You can also download animation throwdown mod apk having same features like sonic forces mod apk.

Sonic forces mod comes with different gaming modes. The racing mode is great and different from other racing games.


Additional information:


  • The mode features of the sonic forces apk are God mode, no ads, and speed mode.
  • The game requires a 4.4 android version
  • The size of the sonic forces mod apk is 156 MB
  • It is an adventurous game published by SEGA.
  • The updated version of the sonic forces mod apk is 3.8.2 (build 1121187170).


How to download sonic force android in simple steps?


  • Click the given download link at the end of the page.
  • On the directed page, click the download button
  • Automatically the fill is started downloading and you can see the notification of downloading as well. After that open the phone setting and allow a third-party app.
  • If you have an old version, then delete it and go to the file manager of the phone
  • Click on the file to install it and now your game will appear on the app section.



Q1 # Is it possible to get sonic apk cheats?

Yes, it is very easy. You can get unlimited gold and unlock all the favorite characters without any hard work. To acquire all the advantages, you have to use sonic force cheats. You can download it from sonic forces torrent, but we have given the link below where you can get a speed hack as well.

Q2 #  Is sonic force pc available?

Initially, this game was made for android and iOS but now it is also available for the pc.

Q3 #  What are the people’s reviews about sonic forces?

Gamers love this game and reviews are very optimistic on the play store. According to the common-sense media, the rating is 3.5/5.


Sega has been known for its games. No doubt that sonic force mode is one of their best inventions. Now do not waste the time. Go and download the sonic forces mod and enjoy it with your friends. Unlock characters, get the rewards, and rank number on the list.

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