School Days MOD APK Latest (Unlimited Money, Gems)

Most of the popular games today involve fights, and all of them are on the battlefields. If you want to have a diverse experience, download the school days mod apk also known as private school days. People say that school life is the golden period of one’s life; if you want to experience it again or wish to do or undo certain things, then school days hacked apk is a must-try. It helps you enjoy your whole day as a high school teenager. You can play music, take tests, get into a fight, bunk classes, and many more.

School days mod ends your nostalgia and takes you back to the carefree days. If you wish to learn how it works and how it you back, then continue reading. This article explores the features which make private school dayfamous among millennials and teenagers. It also describes some school days’ private cheats, gameplay, download, and installation methods. FAQs section solves many queries, and the final verdict concludes the article.

Features of School Days MOD APk

Some of the cool features of the school days mod apk are as follows:

School days characters (keyword)Hard time school daystake you back to your school time. The characters are as diverse as the three-dimensional school we all attended. The game school mod apk  displays a co-schooling system where boys and girls study together. You will encounter both nerds and playboys in the school days mod apk. Also, there are teachers and principals. The teachers teach a variety of subjects from music to history. The costumes of all the characters define their personality and duty.

Imitation of reality

School days Juego is a clear depiction of reality. You wake up to the alarm clock, get ready for your school, walk in the corridor and talk to teachers. now you can bunk a class, and a teacher can catch you. You can take a test. Like reality, you can take it all by yourself and ask some nerd to help; obviously, you will pay them or use google. Whenever you break a rule or get into a fight, you will have to visit the principal’s office. As a punishment, you will have to start the game again if you go to the principal’s office five times in a row. You can even learn a guitar or play baseball.

No purchasing in school days apk

School days video game does not ask for any in-app purchases. All the levels and upgrades are free. You do not have to spend any additional bucks on uniforms, books, sports equipment, or other items. You do not even have to pay for customization or any special facilities or powers.

Freedom of selection In School Days Apk

Permainan school days give you the freedom to select your character. You can choose to be a girl or a boy. Also, it is your choice to become a nerd, a trouble maker, or an average student. School days mod apk allows you to become a teacher, civilians, or retired officials. Your character will have three outfits, one in uniform and the other two in regular dresses. The dressing style varies depending on your personality in the school.

Graphics and Music

School days game English is a 2D game. The graphics are its only negative aspect as you can not recognize the physical features of the characters. Sometimes it becomes difficult to distinguish between a boy and a girl. However, the game is highly focused. It shows the shadows and the little details of the school building. Blackboard, hallway, desks, classrooms, and stage; all seem real. The dresses of the characters are outdated but not flawed. We can expect that school days 3D will not leave any loopholes or any tables unturned.

On the other hand, the music is fantastic. You can hear the sound of an alarm clock, ambulance sirens, guitar, and applauses. The clicking sound is like the sound of the turning paper that makes it more close to school life. The music overall is serene and soft.

No Ads

In our everyday school life, we do not experience ads popping up during lectures or a fight. The school days online game retains the essence and does not display any publicity ads. You have to fight a lot in this game, and you do not wish ads to interrupt you. Thus, the ad-free match will help you maintain your strength and continue the game without any barriers. This game is an accurate depiction of the motto all fun and games. You do not have to stop even for a moment while playing this game.

Gameplay School Days Mod Apk

School days game online is suitable for 17+ players, and one of its reasons is slightly complicated gameplay. You should not lose control of the keys if you wish to ace this game. As soon as the match starts, three options appear on your screen: upgrade. If you click on it, the game will ask for $2.99 for being a private student. You do not have to worry about this because the version under discussion is school days apk private unlocked. You do not have to pay any additional fees. Once you click on the play button, you will have to select your character. You can be a student from class sixth till tenth. You can also choose your section.

The game school days are also known as WWE school days because of the large number of fights. In this game, you will use only four keys that will appear on your mobile phone screen. You will use key A for attacking, P for picking something up, R for running, and G for grappling. Four arrows will also appear, which will guide your movement towards left, right, up, or down. The game has your daily timetable as well as a map. Still, it is challenging to locate classes, and this difficulty is the second reason for the game being 17+. Moreover, if you mess up in school, then you will have to experience detention.

School days mod apk portrays an American school system as well as America’s diversity. You have Sikhs teachers as well as teachers in hijab. You can make friends and can have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. In addition to school, the game shows your house and market. This article will not disappoint you if you wish to get school days game cheats and hacks. If you want to refill your energy, then sleep at home. To improve grades, you will have to attend all of your classes. 

Additional Information

Every game has specific characteristics which you consider before downloading it. Some of these qualities of the school days mod apk are as below:

  • Free school days will need a 4.4 android version to run smoothly.
  • The school day’s full game will take up 26.44Mbs.
  • It is a 2D game.
  • 1.242 is its latest version.
  • MDickie is the developer of this game.

How to Download School Days Apk

If you wish to get this game for your device and want to enjoy the old school days, then these steps can help you

  • You will find a link at the bottom of this page. Please click on it.
  • Smoothly touch the download now button on the new page.
  • The file is ready to take up your device’s space.

As in this version, there are unlocked private students; we can say that it provides school days private free download. On the other hand, you will have to use torrent for the school days visual novel download. High school days 2 is a java game, and you can also download and enjoy it for free.

How to Install School Days Apk

Follow the steps below to install school days mod apk

  • Permit third-party access on your device.
  • In the file which you downloaded moments ago, click on the install button.
  • Click on the icon of the game school day mod apk on your device and enjoy it for free.


To get a girlfriend, you have to have private school days. Then you will edit your profile. Click in front of the girlfriend name and select one of the characters from the given options. After this, you will have to teleport her by similarly editing her profile.

All you have to do is get close to your girlfriend. An alternative is to press the K key.

If you want to graduate from school, you will have to answer questions in ten different subjects. It would help if you had a high academic score, and there should be no disciplinary committee actions against you.

Start a new game school hack apk and click on the “generate new” logo. All you have to do is now choose your new character as a teacher.


Although school days mod apk does not have good graphics, it takes you back to your school days. If you were a nerd but want to experience how bad students felt, this game will let you share that. You can experience your school life routine again while you are sitting on your couch. Multiple characters and their diversity links this game to reality. No purchases and no ads increase the excitement level of the players. The music increases the rush of your hormones, and being online connects you to your friends.

This article has explored the remarkable features of this game and has described how to play school days. It has highlighted some school days cheats and has addressed many of your queries and concerns. Do not wait anymore and get your school days back.

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