Rice Burner Apk Download Free( Unlimited Coins & Cars)

rice burner mod apk

If you are a lover of racing and speedy cars games than ricer burner apk is one of the best game. we all know the fact that the real experience is too much different and difficult. But this amazing rice burner mod apk is wonderful and adventurous game. Rice burner apk is a really special and specifically designed amazing game.

When you are engaged in this amazing and thrilling game you will be able to experience real car racing and you will definitely fall in love with the amazing graphics and sounds of rice burner car game. This game will surely add adventure and thrill in your life.

Features of Rice Burner Apk

Premium Supercars for racing

As we know that in racing to win the most important element is cars speed. In case you don’t have a car with amazing speed then you will surely not be able to win the race. So in order to get what you want to win the race, you should get the premium cars that are launched with best speed and best designs.

In these amazing cars, you can race with other players and can win the race. when you will open this game you can check a big list of amazing cars that are available for you. There are 150 models of cars that are specifically designed .

Build a Unique Car for Yourself

Many unique and amazing models are here in the rice burner car game for you. But if you’re not satisfied with them you can design a car according to your taste. This problem is solved in the rice burner apk in a unique and straightforward way. One of the best and amazing features of this game is that it allows the racer to design his own car.

The players are really satisfied through this feature because it allows them to design their own car. Moreover in this game, the players are not only the racers that join racing tournaments and try to win the players are also the designer of their own game.

Join the Special Races in Burner Apk

Once the player is done with choosing the car according to his taste. The next step is now to check the ability of driver to drive dream car. The player can join different races for example races with friends and race against time. These races are so much interesting and players enjoy them a lot.

Rice burner hack apk has all these amazing features and it allows the racer to join different races and let them experience the best car racing game.

Amazing Graphics

As we all know that graphics are so much important for the players because if graphics are not good so no one wants to play that game. The designers of rice burner car games are much intelligent and professional because they design the game so perfectly also add the best graphics in this game that will let the player fall in love with this game.
Rice burner mod apk has the best graphics through which you can experience real car racing. So what you are waiting for? Design the car of your dreams and take it on the track and let’s experience a thrill car racing adventurous game.

No Ads in Rice Burner Latest Apk

All the apps now contain useless ads after every minute useless ads pop up and disturb the user a lot. These ads create a lot of disturbance and distraction for the user. But in the rice burner apk there will be no ads that will disturb the user.

The rice burner apk is free of ads there will be no disturbance you will use the application freely without any disturbance. You don’t have to waste your time on these ads, furthermore the rice burner apk will never show any ad, not after many days of installation and this is the best no ads application that will let you experience a beautiful and thrilling joy.

Gameplay Rice Burner Apk

The gameplay of rice burner is quite simple and interesting. When you open the application you will see a list of amazing car modes. Then you will select a car according to your taste. After this you will enter the race and do your best to win it.
Not only this if you are not satisfy with the speed of your car you can design a new car for Yourself and can increase its speed according to your wish. Furthermore you can also compete with your friends and can experience a best car racing adventure.

Additional information

  • Name of this game is rice burner.
  • Genre of rice burner apk is racing.
  • Version of the rice burner apk is
  • Developers of rice burner car game are Toniso Games.
  • Size of the rice burner apk is 63 MB.

How to Download Rice Burner Apk

  • Follow all these steps to download rice burner
  • First, click on the above link
  • Seconds check for the downloading process on the top of your screen
  • Third, if the downloading process has begun then wait for the downloading procedure to be complete.

How To Install Rice car games

  • To install rice car games follow these steps
  • First, check that the downloading process is complete.
  • Second, click on the setting section.
  • Third, click on security and then click on enable unknown sources.
  • Make sure that your device has third party access.
  • Then visit download section and download the rice racer game.


Q1: Is the rice burner car game is safe for our device?

ANS: Yes, the rice burner apk is safe for your device it will never steal your data and will never install any hacking application that will hack your data. Moreover this game is best for your security.

Q2: what is a rice burner game?

ANS Rice burner is a car racing game in which the player chooses the cars which they like and take part in races. Moreover, the players can also design their own cars.

Q3: Why I need permission to install the rice burner car game?

ANS: You need permission because these apps need access to the systems for installation, you will receive a notification for all the permission that is required to run this application.

Q4: Is rice burner game cheats are available?

ANS: Yes, rice burner game cheats area available. You can search for them on google and can also download them. Rice burner cheat file will be downloaded easily and it will contain all the cheat that will help you to play well and to win the game. Moreover, these cheats are not so difficult they can easily apply.


Rice burner hile apk is available for android devices. This game has a lot of exciting features and those people that love cars and racing can make a lot of fun with this game. This game is full of adventure and thrill. You can download it easily. So if you are a lover of cars or racing then don’t waste your golden time just download the rice burner car apk and add some thrill in your life.

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