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The REDCON is a game of managing your army and providing weapons to your army that is proficient in the powers. With these weapons, the group of people fought for their land against their enemies.

These kinds of games are liked by the people who love to have some action and thrill in their life and want to manage. This is also a game of dedication to get your homeland free from negative energies. The game offers a huge range of weapons, their upgradation, and different modes to its players.

With the REDCON cheats, you are going to have all these paid features for free.

In this article, you get to know that how you can download the REDCON premium apk to get its all features for free, what will be the features that you will get with the REDCON cheats, the gameplay ad many more.

Let’s get into the details.

Features Of REDCON Mod Apk

Flowing are some important features you will have to know before downloading the redcon premium apk.

Redcon Mod No Ads

With the REDCON mod apk you can enjoy the game without the interrupting ads. The game will become ad-free with the REDCON cheats.

Redcon mod Unlimited Money :

Download of REDCON premium apk will give you unlimited money in the game. Without the money the game is nothing and you can’t do anything in the game, no upgrades, no new weapons, no new modes.

With the REDCON unlimited Health full version, you will get unlimited money for the upgrades of modes and weapons.

Redcon Unlimited Health :

With the REDCON cheats you will get unlimited health in the game. When you are playing the REDCON with the REDCON cheats you don’t have to worry about a victory because with unlimited health you will be victorious for sure in the game.

Redcon Mod Apk Unlimited Ammunition :

Have unlimited ammunition with the REDCON cheats. The ammunitions help you In various ways. Sometimes the player has to face defeat when he is at the edge of a victory because of a lack of ammunition. With this feature of the REDCON cheats, you will be going to have a victory for sure.


There is a customization feature in the game. But what is for that? You can customize your battlefield according to your choice. These customizations need some money. With the REDCON mod apk download, you will have unlimited money so that you can customize the battlefield the way you want it to be.

Gameplay Redcon Mod Apk

The gameplay of the REDCON is a little tricky and complex but once you get into it will be ADDICTIVE sometimes.

In the game, the player act as a manager who has to manage his army, arrange weapons for them, make the upgrades in the weapons, have to customize the fortress, and the main thing the player has to do is to make a call for attack and to order his army when to ceasefire.

The game is basically preventing the land from the enemy troops and make the homeland clear of the negative energies that are, enemies trying to have your beautiful land. You can also download sonic forces mod apk .If you don’t take a step forward they will have your land for sure.

There are many enchanting actions that you can take while playing the game. You can freeze the time and can do some essentials at that time, like restoration of the ammo, changing of the weapons, and many more things like that

Additional Information About Redcon Mod Apk:

Some important additional information about the REDCON premium apk is.

  • It gets the last update 3 days ago
  • The current version of the game is 1.4.3
  • The android version required for the successful download is 4.0
  • The genre of the game is the strategy
  • The size of the apk file is 21m
  • Developers of the game are HEXAGE

How to Download REDCON Mod Apk ?

For the proper download, follow the enlisted steps.

  • Get the file while clicking on the download link.
  • Wait until the download gets completed successfully.
  • Install the downloaded file on your device.

Installation Of Redcon Unlimited Health:

Following are some steps to have a successful installation.

  • Locate the downloaded file in the file manager.
  • Enable the installations from the unknown sources in your device.
  • Get the installation done by clicking on the file.
  • Start the game and have fun.


Earning money in the REDCON is easy. You just have to win levels, complete challenges and missions in the levels and you get some limited amount of money in the game that you can use further to upgrade your weapons, army, and fortress.

Yes, there is a REDCON 3. After the success of REDCON and REDCON 2 the developers developed a sequel called REDCON 3 while considering the demand of the players.

The basic gameplay of the REDCON 3 is similar to previous ones but it comes only with some new features, weapons, and modes.

Conclusion :

Let’s head towards the conclusion.

The REDCON is a strategy based game. The payer has to develop a strategy for winning. The player will manage its troop, arrange the best weapons for them and wait for the best time and then give a call to its army to attack the enemies.

The game is to save the land from the bitter enemies.

The redcon offers a huge range of weapons, mods, customizations, and upgradations. You can also check megapolis mod apk 2 which is also a stragety game with unlimited money.To have these all you need money in the game. Nothing to worry about peeps, we have come up with the REDCON premium apk with this you will get all the above mentioned features for free.


Let us know in the comment section if you enjoy this premium apk mod.

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