Punch Hero Mod Apk Latest 2021 (Unlimited Money ,Credit)

Want to have fun with a fighter? Download the punch hero mod apk and have fun with the fighters by customizing them.

The fight lovers from all around the world are love to hear the audience’s applause, the sound of broken bones, the fighters fighting in the battles, and the audience roaring for their fighters from outside the ring. This all you can experience with the mod punch hero. The fight lovers thus are excited to play this game.

Punch out is the legendry Nintendo switch’s game that inspires the developers to make punch hero. In punch hero, you can experience different kinds of features. Like, you can customize your fighter in the game by spending your money, you can choose your opponent too and you can customize your enemy in the game. The game also has many other differences for its player. When you download the punch hero cheat you will get all the features for free.

In this article we will let you know that how you can download the punch hero mod on your device, what will be the free features that you will get with the punch hero hack, some additional information about the punch hero mod download, its gameplay, and a little more.


Features of mod punch hero:

Download punch hero and you will get the following features.

Boxers and their customization:

The game offers a customization feature in which the player can customize his boxer, even his face, his hair, and his name. You can create the personality of the boxer in short. Want to have a bulky man with a shaved head? or you want to have a handsome man with sleet silky hair? You can have all these characters in this game. Also, you can make your boxer a weird thing like a pirate or a robot.

You will able to unlock these customization features when you reach a specific level in the game. But with the punch hero mod apk revd 1, you get this feature unlocked in your first play.

Boxer upgrades:

Boxer’s upgrades are another feature that you will get with the cheat punch boxing. As with your progression in the game, which is achieved by completing different challenges and missions in the game the difficulty level increase also. Now it’s become difficult to beat your opponent and you are facing defeat continuously? This is the right time to upgrade the skills, moves, hp, and speed of your boxer and make him ready to face a powerful opponent.


There are different modes available for the player’s amusement so that they can’t get bored in the game. There are 2 arcades and one zombie mode. In the arcade, you will be there in the ring in a head to head to fight and in the zombie mood you will interact with the zombies and it’s a test of your sustainability.

Download punch hero mod apk offline and have these modes unlocked for free.

Unlimited money:

With the punch hero cheats money, you will get unlimited money in the game. The currency that you will use in the game is the gold coins. With these coins, you can upgrade the characters and customize them too, and can unlock many other things in the game.


Participate in different challenges and tournaments:

The game has arranged many challenges and tournaments for the players. The availability of the tournaments with different challenges is there to attract the player’s attention. After winning these challenges and games you can excel in the game and win many rewards of gold coin that you can then spend on evolving your boxers.

Make your boxers pro in the game by evolving them.

You can also download the stickman warriors mod apk if you wanted to complete some thrilling action challenges and missions.


Shop system:

The game has a huge shop system in which you can go on and off and get the things of your choice.  These different locations are.

  • Skill shop
  • Costume shop
  • Training center
  • Tournament registration center.

For having all these, your pocket must be full of gold coins in the game. You remain short of that coins? Nothing to worry about that, we are here with the cheat punch hero android tanpa root, and this will give you unlimited money in the game.


Graphics and sounds:

The graphics of the game are disappointing. Besides the 3d engine, the graphics failed to impress me. These are just vivid and are not as sharp as these are in the game these days have. Besides graphics, the gaming style is pretty attractive and addictive.

When it comes to sound quality it is also like the graphics, which means pretty ok but not up to the mark. There’re are few sounds like punch sound, the sound of the audience, and winning music at the end of the game.

Graphics and sounds combine are remain unable to impress me.



The gameplay is pretty simple like the other boxing game games. But it has little complexities too along with simplicity.

In the arcade mod your boxer will face the 18 opponents in the ring one by one and after beating them you will be awarded the tag of the winner. But it is not as easy as it hears to be. The difficulty increases with every proceeding level. You are going to stuck in the game when you reach the higher levels because at this point your boxer needs upgrades. After upgrading your boxer you can then move to the next level. You can also download latest and most thrilling action game Marvel Contest Of Champion mod  apk 

The game offers a customization feature in which the payer can customize his boxer. He can choose his face, his name, his hair, his body, and many more.

The controls of the game are simple too, there is an analog to control the boxers and an attack and a dodge key, and nothing much.


Additional information:

Must consider this information before you download the punch hero mod apk.

  • Punch hero is the name of the game.
  • The genera of the game is fighting
  • The latest version of the game is 1.3.8
  • The size of the file is 23.4MB
  • GAMEVIL is the publisher of the game.
  • To download the punch hero cheat, the android version required is android 2.3
  • It gets its last update 2 days before.


Download punch hero modded apk with infinite cash and golds:

You can Download the punch hero mod apk by following these enlisted steps.

  • Download punch hero mod by clicking on the download link.
  • The game file, punch hero mod apk revd1will get downloaded to your device in 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Install the downloaded file on your device.



  • Click on the downloaded file in the file manager.
  • Wait until the installation gets completed.
  • Start the game and be in the battle ring.



Q1 # Is punch hero no more in the gaming era?

No, it’s just a rumor. The punch hero is still there in the fighting category games. The punch hero is a pc fighting game. But now it is available on the androids and on iOS too.

Get cheat punch hero android tanpa root and enjoy all the features of the game for free.

Q2 # What is mean by customization in the punch hero?

The punch hero offers a customization feature to its players. in this feature, the player has a choice to build his boxer, to specify his characters like his hair, body, face, name, and many more.

Q3 # How fine graphics the game punch hero has?

About the graphics quality of the punch hero? They are not even fine and are not up to the mark also. Besides the usage of 3d engine, the graphics have disappointed some players, those are indulged in the games for years.



Time to conclude the above discussion.

Punch out is the inspiration behind the punch hero game. Punch Hero is a game in which the player comes into the fighting ring and beats his opponent. After defeating all the 18 opponents the player will be declared as a winner.

The game has many features and out of all those, the most prominent is the customization feature in which the gamer can customize his boxer. He can customize his boxer’s face, hair and name, and many more.

These upgrades need some money and you can earn this money by completing challenges and missions in the game.

Download the punch hero hack and you will get all the upgrades and customizations for free

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