Mood scanner apk is one of the famous and most entertaining game. This game has an exciting feature which is a fingerprint mood scanner. It uses the screen of your phone and your mobile to detect your mood it’s just for entertainment purposes nothing else. It is one of the highly played and amazingly designed games that attract a large number of players towards it. 

This application is designed with the aim of fun and joy. You can track your family and friends by showing them that you have real scanning technology. People love to play and trick their families with its amazing features. The scanner mood of the app is not real it’s only for fun.

Features of Mood Scanner Apk

Mood Figure Scanner

One of the exciting features of the mood scanner apk is that it scans your mood and shows you’re your feelings. It gives results and tells that what the person is feeling. Is he/she sad, depressed, love, or happy? Does not it look so feverish? The person can detect his/her mood and also the mood of his loved ones. At parties, people love playing this game with their friends and they have a lot of fun with this application. The canner mood of this app is just so fabulous that amazes the player with its fantastic result. Most people trick their family and friends by telling them that it’s a real mood figure scanner but it’s not rued it’s fake and its purpose is only to provide people with joy and entertainment.

Truth or Dare Mood Scanner

Everyone wants to know the secrets of their friends and family. SO, the mood scanner apk is providing its player with a thrilling feature which is a truth or dare game. In this game, all the member of a group has a chance to select truth or dare. If they choose to dare then they have to do something. It’s like a task that they must have to complete it can be anything and it’s given by the group. If the person selects the truth then they have to answer the question. The question can be of any type. It can be like with whom they are in a relationship or what is the biggest secret of their life. This game is so exciting and everyone loves to play it with their friends so grab this opportunity Download mood scanner and have some fun

Tricking Feature of Mood Apk

Mood scanner apk is a source of tricking your loved ones. The player just tells their family and friends that it’s a true scanner mood app and it uses your finger to detect what you are feeling they get so much interest and start playing this tricking game and most people think that it is a real scanner and play it much time but it’s just a trick that entertains the player. The result of this game is according to the application not according to the mood of the player. The tricking feature of this game makes it so popular and players feel so excited while playing and tricking their loved ones. 

NO Ads

Whenever ads appear in any application the user gets so disturbed and falls into a disgusting situation. No one likes to have any kind of disturbance while doing their joyful work.  So we care for your players and don’t want to make any kind of disturbance for them so Mood scanner apk is providing you with a very relaxing and amazing feature that is you don’t have to watch any ads. There will be no ads in this game you can play and enjoy it without any disturbance. So don’t lose the opportunity just avail it download mood scanner apk and enjoy its amazing features.

Gameplay of Mood Scanner Apk

The game of mood scanner apk is just amazing. After opening the application you have to put your finger on the box of the fingerprint mood scanner for a while. Then you just have to wait for 2 to 3 seconds. The mood scanner will do the calculation and shows you the result. The result can be that you are feeling amazing or you are not feeling good etc. Mood figure scanner is analyzing scanner app that will shock your family and you can have an extreme level of fun with it. Mood scanner pro is also available with exciting features. The players love to play and trick their families with this super cool mood scanner app. One important point to remember is that the scanner mode of this application is not real it’s just designed by professionals for entertainment and joy. 

Additional Information of Mood Scanner

  • Mood scanner Apk lies in the free Entertainment category.
  • The latest version of the Mood scanner apk is 1.3.
  • The developer of mood scanner is Przemyslaw Slota.
  • Size of Application is 3.2 MB.

Download Mood Scanner Apk

  • Download mood scanner apk by clicking on the button of downloading
  • The mood scanner download procedure will start at the top of your mobile screen
  • Mood Scanner apk download procedure will be done after waiting for sometime

How To Install Mood Scanner Apk

  • After waiting for a few moments the mood scanner apk download procedure will be finished.
  • Then you just have to open the file manager section on your mobile
  • Then click on install and enjoy mood scanner apk
  • This game is available on the play store but if someone doesn’t want to download it from the play store then they can download the mood scanner online apk version


Q1:Is mood scanner apk is safe for our device

ANS: Yes, it’s safe it never steals any of your personal information. This app is designed by experts.

Q2:Is a free mood scanner is available on the play store?

ANS: Yes, free mood scanner is available on the play store

Q3:The scanner mood of mood finger scanner is real or not?

ANS: No, It’s not real it’s only designed for entertainment.


Mood scanner apk game is full of joy and the players enjoy this game. If anyone wants to detect the mood then just download it.  Keep your finger on the mood scanner and it will tell you what you are feeling. It’s a very cool and interesting app. People have fun with their family and friends through its shocking features. The player can also play a truth and dare game and can have amazing fun by knowing the secret and giving them the difficult dares. This game has a lot of players and most of them give it a 5-star rating as it is a stunning app. Don’t waste your time download a free mood scanner and add some fun to your life.

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