Metal SLug 3 Mod Apk Latest 2021 (Unlimited Credit,Money)

Want to be a fighting hero, who saves his territory from the enemies? Download metal slug 3 mod apk and you will feel like a one.

Game metal slug 3 is very popular among the player but it is not hyped like the games these days. Like pubg, fortnight, and call of duty. Many players around the world are playing discarger metal slug 3 very intensively.

The metal slug 3 gratis is an authentic noe-geo game but now is available on android also. The game is real fighting among warriors or you can soldiers and their bitter enemies who try to destroy their beautiful world. The interesting feature of the game is the player can take a ride of elephants, tanks, camels and many other things alike and the player can swim too.

In this article, we will give you details about the metal slug 3 apk gratis download, some features that you will get with the metal slug 3 apk, the gameplay of metal slug apk full, some additional information about the metal slug 3 (free download) and a few things more.

Features of Meta Slug 3 Mod Apk :

Download metal slug 3 apk gratis and have these features for free.

  • Weapons: Metal slug 3 offers a limited range of weapons to the players. These weapons are get unlocked as you proceed in the game. This unlocking need some money. But with the metal slug 3 apk the weapons get unlocked for free. These weapons include.
    • Heavy machine gun
    • Rocket launcher
    • Shotgun
    • Flame shot
    • Laser gun
    • Enemy chaser
    • Iron lizard
    • Drop shot etc

You can also download a similar game that has a huge range of weapon lists and named as REDCON. Get all its weapons for free with the redcon mod apk.

  • Vehicles: Download metal slug for android and you will find a limited number of slug vehicles also. These vehicles become a site of attraction for the players. you can have a ride on these vehicles also. These are
    • Drill slugs
    • Slug mariners
    • Elephants slugs
    • And some metal slugs like a tank.

These vehicles will be unlocked as you progress in the game. You have to pay coins for unlocking these


  • Branching map system in metal slug apk: The game metal slug 3 has a perfect branching map system. The player can end a map by having different routes in it.

Download the game metal slug 3 and enjoy this interesting map system.

  • Modes: In addition to the classic arcade mode the game also has a mission mode for its dedicated players. The player can choose the mission of his choice and complete it to get some useful rewards. The player also can play these missions again and again in the mission mode to get their skills updated and to have rewards when they become victorious in the game.

Graphics of Metal Slug 3 APk :

Before you download metal slug 3 apk offline, some graphic details are here for you.

The metal slug 3 is a simple shooting game with 2d graphics. You don’t need to have a high-end Android device to get this installed on your device.

Besides this 2d graphic engine, the visual quality of the game is very clear, vibrant, and attractive. Metal slug 3 (download) pc and metal slug 3 android both have the same quality of graphics when you give a comparative analysis to both the versions.

Gameplay of Metal Slug 3 Mod APk :

The gameplay is a little different from the other fighting or shooting game.

At the first, you will be entertained with one of the soldiers from the 4 and you have to play the game with that only soldiers. Progressively you can unlock more characters by paying with the gold coins that you get as a reward for completing the challenges and the missions in the game.

In the game, the player can move its character in the branching map system to locate the enemies and make them dead by shooting them. Sometimes this branching system is helpful in a way that you can dodge your enemy by changing your route.

Metal slug multiplayer is also available in the online mode.  You can play with your friends in the metal slug multiplayer when you play online without downloading the game.

Additional Information of Metal Slug 3 Hack :

Before downloading the metal slug 3 apk, this is some important information that you should know.

  • The name of the file that you are going to download is descarger metal slug 3
  • The Android version required for this download is 2.3 and above.
  • The current version of the metal slug3 apk is v1.9
  • The file size is 7.33MB+67.2MB
  • The developers of the game are SNK Corporation.
  • It gets its last update 3 days before.

How to Download Metal Slug 3 Gratis

To download the metal slug 3 gratis, follow these enlisted steps.

  • Click on the download button that we have given you below.
  • Wait for the download to get completed.
  • Install the downloaded file on your device.

How To Install Metal Slug APK

Installation steps are pretty easy

  • Open your file manager and search for the metal slug 3 apk file.
  • Click on the file and make the installation happens.
  • Start the game and hit your enemies with the loaded weapons.


Q1 # Is there any online version of metal slug 3?

Yes, metal slug 3 is available online also. In the online version you don’t have to download the metal slug 3, you can enjoy it anywhere, just you need to have a strong internet connection for playing the metal slug 3 online.

Another feature that you will get with the online version is, you can play metal slug multiplayer.

Q2 # How many players can play in the multiplayer mode of metal slug 3 online?

Only a limited number of players can play in multiplayer mode.

You along with your one other friend means that only 2 players can play at a time in a multiplayer mode of metal slug 3.

Q3 # Why metal slug 3 is considered the best of all?

The metal slug is considered the best due to its unique features that are

  • Different modes
  • Variety of weapons
  • Branching map system
  • Verity of slug vehicles
  • Clear graphics.

This is a decent buy for the metal slug 3 download PC, also


Let’s brief it all in the conclusion.

Metal slug 3 is the best among the series of the metal slug. This is the game of the soldiers who try to protect their territory from the enemies. The game is adventurous and becomes addictive when you start playing it and come to know about some tactics behind the intense gameplay.

The game has many interesting features like characters, modes, vehicles, and maps. the player can have all these by paying some gold coins in the game.

If you want all these features for free, download metal slug 3 apk gratis from our download link. You can also share this download link with your friends and family too so that they can have metal slug 3 free download also.

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