Larva Heroes Mod APK Latest (Unlimited Candy,Coin)

Get into the amusement of the larva heroes by clicking on the download button and have larva heroes mod apk for free.

Larva heroes is a game in which the main character is a larva who builds its team of larva heroes. These larva heroes collectively go into the enemy’s place and get into a fight with him. The larva game become famous due to the larva series from where it gets its name and it got lavangers from the famous marvel series, avengers. Hence, in this way larva levengers came into existence.

The game larva heroes offer a huge range of larvae, units, skills, and maps to the players. These features make the game an interesting one to play. With every ascending level, the interest level of the game increases.

In this article, we will go through the procedure of how to download larva heroes mod apk, what will be the features that you will get with the larva heroes cheats, what will be the gameplay of larva heroes lavangers mod apk, some additional information about the cheat larva heroes and a little more.

Let’s get the details.

Features of Larva Heroes Mod Apk

Some important information that you should know before downloading the larva heroes lavangers mod apk is.

Larva Hero Mod Apk Unlimited Money

download cheat larva heroes and get the unlimited money for free.

In the game, there is a feature of upgradation in which the player can upgrade its larva and make it ready for the fight these upgradations are not for free. You have to pay coins for having these upgradations done in your larva.

As the upgradation level of the larva icreses the power of it incresess too.

Nothing to worry about the money, when you download apk mod larva heroes.

Larva Hero lavengers Unlimited candies

Candies are like having gems in the game. Some upgradations are mythic enough that you have to pay with the candies for having these upgradations done. Download larva heroes mod apk unlimited candies and have the candies for free.

This feature of cheat larva heroes magic candy attracts the players because this makes the expensive upgradations easy and they become just a click away.

Larva Heroes

There is an unlimited number of larva heroes and each is designed in such a way that each has its cute look. We can’t prefer one over the other, in powers too. Every larva hero in the larva game has a specific power that no other larva has in the game.

Download larva heroes mod apk and get all these larvae unlocked in the first play.

Larva Heroes Maps

The larva game also has some maps for the attraction of the players. Each map contains 3 levels and at the third level of every map, the player has to face a boss zombie. If he remains successful while defeating the boss with the army of larvae then he ends the map with success and can move to the next one.

If you download permainan larva then you don’t have to worry about the maps. You will get all the maps unlocked in your first game.

Download larva heroes and make the larva fight for their unit.

Graphics & Sound

The game larva heroes is a classic 2D game. The graphics are cool. The color combination of the game is similar to tha of the larva heroes series.  The sound effects in the game are humorous as the game itself is.

The graphics and sound effects are amusingly complementing each other, we can say that.

Larva Heroes Mod Apk Gameplay

The gameplay of the larva heroes is a perfect combination of attack and defense.

The larvae in a team fought for their homeland against their bitter enemies that are the zombies.(You can also download darkness rises mod apk which have same features like Larva hereos) They hold the zombies out of their homes. If the zombie remains successful and reaches the larvae home the game ends at that point.

In the larva game, there are a variety of larvae, units, and upgradations. With every increasing level, the power of the enemies also increases thus to evolve the larva is a must too. This is done by doing up-gradation in the skills of the larva.

At every point in the game when you feel that the enemy is way powerful than your larva, you can give your larvae some power drinks, sausages, and many others like that. These things give the larvae instant energy and make them sustainable in front of powerful enemies.

Sausages are larva’s favorites.

Additional Information

Download larva heroes mod apk terbaru, and these will be some additional information of that download.

  • The name of the game is larva heroes lavangers.
  • The category of the game is adventure/arcade.
  • Updated on 26th may, 2021.
  • The latest version of the game, that available is 2.8.2
  • The game gets published by Mr. Games.

Download larva Heroes Unlimited Money and Candy Apk

Get into the following steps for the successful download of the larva heroes mod apk.

  • Click on the download button.
  • Wait until it get downloaded completely on your device
  • Install it from the file manager.

Larva heroes 1 mod apk and the cheats larva heroes 2 are also available.

How To Install Larva Heroes Mod Apk

Let’s install the downloaded file.

  • Locate the downloaded file in your file manager
  • Allow installation from unknown sources also in your device settings.
  • When installation gets done start the game and enjoys with the cute larvae.


Q1 # What type of game larva heroes, lavengers is?

Larva hero lavengers is an arcade or adventure game in which the team of larva strives to protect their home from the monster zombies. A team of different larvae was built, each larva with some specific power play its role in the fight. After winning the fight against the enemy the player will get some rewards in the form of coins and candies. These coins and candies are then used in the larva upgradations and unlocking new modes and larvae.

Q2 # Is there any larva heroes 3?

No, not yet but we are hoping for the larva heroes 3 soon. After the success of larva heroes 1 the sequel comes with the name of larva heroes 2 and now the fans are waiting for another one to have in their list that is the larva heroes 3.

Q3 # Is the mod apk available for both the larva heroes 1 and 2?

Yes, you can download the larva heroes 1 mod apk to have its unlimited features for free. Cheats larva heroes 2 are also available so that you can enjoy the game to its maximum.

Q4 # From where the larva heroes lavanger get its name?

The larva heroes is an animation series the developers make a game version of that series and get the name of the series too, larva heroes. The lavenger comes from the most famous marvel series is the avengers. That is how the larva heroes lavanger came into existence.


Concluding it all.

The larva heroes lavenger is arcade gameplay of the larvae for protecting their homes from the zombies. The larvae in a team get into a fight with the zombie and if they won in the fight they will get rewards in the form of coins and candies. The player then upgrades its larvae for the higher levels. As the level increases the difficulty to beat the zombies also increases hence, upgradation in the larvae is a must.

The game offers a huge range of features to its player. There are many larvae to explore in the game, there are different modes to unlock, have some astonishing upgradations available for your larvae. You can also download Stickman warriors mod apk with unlimited money. And these all are not for free. You have to earn these by completing the levels, challenges, and missions in the game.

Download larva heroes lavangers mod apk and get all these features for free.

If you haven’t downloaded it, what you are waiting for? Get it now and also share it with your friends and siblings so that they will get the unlimited features of the larva game also.

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