How To Install Apk on Android, Ios & Mac

what is apk file

What is Apk File?

APK abbreviated as android package kit is an android package application used to distribute applications on the google android operating system. It is an extension file for the google android operating system.
it is used for pre-installed apps downloaded from sources other than the google play store. Apps downloaded from the google play store are automatically installed on your device.

How to save and view APK files

APK files are saved in compressed ZIP format and most of the time downloaded directly from google play store on android devices but sometimes also from another website. ZIP format can be opened by any zip decomposition tool. Some content found in a typical APK file includes an Android Manifest. XML, MATA-INF, and classes dex.

How to open an APK file on different operating systems

How To Open APK File on Android:

You just need to download an APK file on your android like any other file and then open it when asked. APk files installed outside the google play store might not install because of a security block. To detour this restriction and download APK files from other sources navigate one of these menus depending on your android version.
1: Setting > Apps & notification > Advanced > Special app access > Install unknown apps
2: Setting >Apps and notification
3: Setting > Security
You may need to give a specific app depending on your device such as chrome permission to install unofficial APK files. If the APK file does not open try browsing for it with a file manager like Astro File Manager.

How To Open an APK file on Mac:

You can open the APK file on Mac with the help of ARC Welder. It is an extension of google which is used for testing android apps for the Chrome OS. So you can open the APK file on your Mac when Arc welder is installed within google chrome.

How To Open an APK file on the window:

By using an android emulator like Blue Stack you can open an APK file on PC. For this click on the MY apps tab and then click on install APK from the corner of the window.

How To Open an APK file on ios:

You cannot open or install an APK file on an iPhone or iPad because the file is built in an entirely different manner than apps used on these devices. These two platforms are not compatible with each other.

How To Open APK file on Window 7 :

Since there is no play store you need to do some file management. First, take the APK file that you want to install and then drop this file into the tools folder in your SDK dictionary. when your AVD starts running using the command prompt and install filename pk.

How To Open APK file on window 10 :

⦁ First, you need a tool to download APk files on window 10 called ARC welder. ARC welder is an extension of chrome on which you can run an app one at a time.
⦁ Secondly, open up chrome and go to the chrome web store. now type ARC welder and click it and it is in chrome.
⦁ Thirdly check your extensions to make sure it is on.

When you installed the necessary tools for running android apps on chrome.

You can open the APK file on window 10 by using android studio. make sure that SDK tools are installed on your computer.

Emulation is an exciting notion. In old days people were so much excited about it. Now many years have passed emulation has not really gone mainstream. There have been many attempts at the translation of console games to the language of PC. The emulator was not realized rightly because of so much difference between devices.

These days smartphones are very complex pieces of technology. They are literally smaller than PC. So they consume less energy and solve many emulating issues.


There are many APK emulators but BLUE STACKS APPS PLAYER is the most famous one . BLUE STACKS is a method to get apps to work. To run BLUE STACKS we need a heavily modified ANDROID Os. With the help of BLUE SATCKES You can access your google play store and download your purchased content. As a matter of fact

  • On installed and run on your WINDOW 10 device. BLUESATCKS load up in typical desktop window mode. By this, you will get access to many apps like social, games, etc.
  • Searching for an app will open the google play store. The play store will be in the mode you see on TABLET devices You will be able to do things as you do on TABLET devices. You can download install and use android apps by this method.


You can install a third-party launcher like NOVA and APEX And you can set it as default.


The benefits of accessing the google play store on Windows are greater than you think. You won’t have to face the problem of sideloading and encountering a large number of bugs on the way.

APK file through PC PORTS:

These are the ports that allow using android. This simply means downloading a modified version of android on WINDOW 10.
There are two android ports
1: Remix Os
2: ANDOIDx-86 project

VM Virtual Box:

You can run android Os through a virtual box. But it isn’t quick as effective as BLUESTACKES.

Open APK on iPhone:
First of all, keep in mind one thing that APK file is only for the android systems not for apple devices.
But there are many ways to use apk files on iPhone or iPad. Follow these to get access to apk file on iPhone
1: First you have to download TuTuapp APK
2: Tap on install and confirm the installation
3: Do a little wait until the installation is completed.
4: Then go to setting and click on general and choose device and management and trust the developer.
5: Tutuapp will be downloaded until now.
6: Now search any app in the search bar that you have in mind.
7: Click on the download button and it will start downloading.

How To OPEN APK files on ios:

These files could not open on ios devices. You need to find a corresponding app on the Apple app store or get an app from a developer using IPA files.
You can open apk files by using applications that correspond to the extracted file format.

How to Fix Apk installation Error in window

Update drives:
1: Click Start and open device manager
2: Grow portable gadgets
3: Click to gadgets and update drive.

Corrupt Documents:

The consistent fundamental issue will be the corrupt documents. They will become the cause of mistakes. So ensure that you download the documents from a secure and valid source. Read the comments of people before downloading the documents. To check the defiled file check its properties. By comparing with real files it will have a small size.

Incapacitate Instant Run

  • To run Incapacitate instant run first open the alternative file .
  • Then click on setting and open setting dialogue box
  • Click build, execution, and deployment
  • Click on instant run
  • Uncheck the enable instant run to hot trade code.

Different Miscellaneous We Fixes

  • Firstly Erase the secure file of android from your mobile SD Card
  • Then Reboot your Phone and evacuate the battery if possible
  • Uninstall Every Single Past Variant of the Application
  • Expel SD card and don’t interface your mobile with pc while you introduce the Apk

Tools To Open APK files

  2. 7-ZIP

Extraction of APK files

With the help of different extracting tools, APK files can be open in macOS, WINDOW or any other operating system. android package kit files are archives of multiple folders and files so you can unzip them by using different un-zip programs like 7-zip and pea-zip to see different components that make the app.
This will not allow you to use android package kit files on the computer. For this purpose, you will need an android emulator (like blue stacks) which runs the Android OS on the computer.

How To Convert an Apk file ?

Different types of file conversion programs are used to convert one file into another
But they are most of the time not useful in the case of APK files. because it is considered a totally different file than others. The reason is its specificity. It is not like MP4 Or PDF files that run on a large number of programs. It is destined to run on a specific device.

Instead, if you want your APK file to zip you would use the instruction explained above. You can use one of the two methods .you can open the APK file in the file Extraction tool and then repack it as zipping or simply remain APK File to zip.

As you have read the above information so you know that you can’t convert the APK file into an IPA file for use on IOS and also you cannot convert the file into EXE to use the android app on the window.

You can easily find an android alternative that can work in the place of the android app that you want to be installed on your iPhone AND IPAD. The same app is available for both platforms on most developers. APK for Android and IPA for IOS.

Instead of APK to EXE converter install a window APK opener and then use it to open the android app on your computer. its existence in EXE is of no use for its work.

With the help of blackberry, you can convert the APK file into BAR by using the android package kit TO BAR converter. When the conversion is finished then download BAR.


Most people think that proceeding with the site is all that they need. The reason is that they missed the important benefits of building an app. Allow me to give you important information about the benefits that you will have after converting your site to APK.

Present and future

It is the most important aspect of having a portable application. By getting your site changed in the application you are setting up your system for the future. there are 6 billion cell phone clients by 2020

Quick and Gotten :Light Android package Kit to stack an application inside a couple of moments. Works with an organization association: 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi.

Social tabs : Add your YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram blog connection to the app.

Message pop-ups :Send pop-ups with news, request status and beneficial offers and their limits

Android support: Appropriate for any adaptation of google play. prepared for google play distribution immediately.


Open the website app template

Follow the MAKE app NOW button. And discover the website app format.

Supplement the website interface:

Supplement your site and check if you replicate the situation.

Addition of Social tabs:

Add connections to social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, youtube that people easily find your social pages.


Create the name of your application and think of any new novel or new thing. Always add watchwords. this will help your clients to get easy access to your page.

Distribute app on app market:

You can download your android package kit document and distribute it on Google Play or some other application store for Android. Offer your application to numerous clients.

FAQ( Frequently asked questions)

1: Legalization issue of APK files?

It is completely legal to download and uses APK files to install apps outside of the google play store. It is just a format like any other format like EXE. Or ZIP.

2: How can I find APK files?

Find APK files on your device by using an android file manager to search for files some devices have preloaded file manager but google play store have alternatives.

3: Can APK files create Harmful effects for my device?

APK files can prove harmful for devices .bit this is not always the case. The reason is that they contain malware that runs android package kit files through an online scanner before installing them. Only download Android package files from sites on which you trust to avoid the harmful effects of files.