Guardians Tales Apk Latest Unlimited Kamazone

Guardians tales apk is one of the amazing and highly played game. The main story of the guardian tales mod is about the guardian knight who has been recently hired. He is one of the best guards among the canter guardians. He gets the best training from professionals.

When he becomes an expert he went on the battles to stand again the enemies and destroy them. He is among the best heroes of incredible tales mod apk. The enemies are so powerful and they are evil. They want to get hold of the world and do make things according to them. They want to spread evilness everywhere in the earth.

Features of Guardians Tales Apk

Game Modes

While playing the game there are interesting game modes through which the player can play the game more efficiently but only if he follows all the rules. in spite of collecting guardian tales free gems, the player should also follow all the modes strictly to win more battles. Guardian tales cheat apk is also available through which the player can sharply play the game. By following the modes the player can have a lot of guardians and its level will be upgraded soon.

Coliseum Position Guide In Guardians Tales

The player will receive the arena gems as a price of this model. If you have a high intake of gems then in that case there will be no increase in ranking. So, it’s not really good for you to have more than 100 gems because the gap is of 100 gems between the master to top 100.  Making guardian tales unlimited gems is not necessary for the player because it will create the confusion. So when you are done with one upgrade you must maintain tier upgrade. Guardian tales hack apk will help the player to understand all the modes.

Guardians Tales Kamazon Guide and Tips

when you kill your enemies and win the battles then you will be rewarded with amazing stones and precious crystals. Many different kinds of stones and hammers will also be available. When you make a 10,600 bottle cap on a monthly basis then all the remaining things will move toward the hammers. They will move all around the tenth floor. On weekly basis, your aim is just to make your way to the twelfth floor. You can also pull them into your group. You are in the gold after this.

Coop Mode Guardian Apk

The reward that you receive because of your victory will be gems. Your system will be converted into a fantastic new system. On weekly basis, it will provide you with 969 gems. By having three guardians you can play it for 2 days. You will be able to play the 60th level and earn more gems. If you are not satisfied with it you can play the 82 levels and can earn 58 gems.


There will be a weekly reward for the player. But in this feature/mode, the player has to spend much more. 12 heroes of incredible tales mod apk will be required. It totally depend on the boss. You will be able to compete in the games against the guardian and will get an opportunity to try some of those guardians that are rarely available.

Gameplay of Guardian Latest Apk

In guardian tales mod there are many different kinds of upgrades. The upgrade can be the character upgrade or an event upgrade. These upgrades are really fantastic and they are much appreciated by the players.

The player has to save the world from the enemies and to do that they have to choose the best guardian that can compete with the enemies and can save the earth from the evil eye. So it depends on the player to choose one of the strongest guardians according to the circumstances.

Additional information

  • The developers of guardian tales mod apk are Kakao Games Corp.
  • The genre of this game is a role-playing
  • The size of this game is 122MB
  • The version of this game is 2.29.0
  • The mod features include guardian tales unlimited money and guardian tales unlimited gems

How to download Guardian Tales Apk?

  • The Guardian Tales download procedure will begin after clicking on the download button.
  • The download will appear at the front of your mobile screen .
  • You have to wait for some time for the downloading process to complete.

How to install Guardian Tales Latest?

  • The installation process of Guardian ales od will begin after the downloading process.
  • For the installation of guardian tales visit the setting then goes for security and allow third-party source.
  • For the installation process, you must have access to the third-party sources.
  • Now you can visit file manage and install the game.


 Q1: Can we play guardian tales mode apk offline?

ANS: No, you cannot play guardian tales mod apk offline. the game requires a good and steady net connection.

Q2: Is this app is safe for our device?

yes, it’s totally safe. it will not have any access to your personal data. You can install it without any fear.

Q3: Does the guardian tales mod apk have any multiplayer option?

ANS: Yes, in the latest version of guardian tales mod  co-op mode is available for multiple players


while playing the guardian tales mod apk you have an enormous number of guardians to choose from. Making the right choice is very essential because it will make you win or lose. So it is necessary to learn all about the qualities of the guardian and to choose the appropriate guardian to compete against the dark enemy. It’s really fantastic and entertaining game. It’s full of adventure and thrill just download it now and make your life full of entertainment and adventure. This game provide you with the never-ending thrill and with a lot of rewards on each level.

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