Ghostbuster World APK – Download Latest Version Free

Ghostbuster World APK – Overview:

The Ghostbuster World APK is an Augmented Reality Based Game like Pokemon Go. The main plot is to explore a selected map, search for the ghosts and kill them with the gun’s aim. Yes, you are free to select any map in which you will face different kinds of deadly ghosts everywhere. All you need to do is to select a character before starting the game and kill all ghosts with your AR Based powers, guns, knives and other weaponry items. 

When it comes to the game graphics, you will be quite happy to know that all ghosts will have real-like structure and graphics. All of the scenes will be richly-detailed and super-neat. On capturing ghosts, you will also get points and trophies which you can use to maximize the character’s strength and unlock new items from the store. Different types of traps are also present in the Ghostbuster World App. Once you will start completing the beginner levels, you will meet big ghosts that will be hard to trap in your hurdles. So, better is to optimize and strengthen your character’s powers and abilities once you have enough trophies on the board. 

Features of Ghostbuster World Game:

The Features of Ghostbuster World APK will make you feel like it is the best adventure game in the world. It’s AR based working adds more twist in the game. Let’s see what salient features the developers are giving to the gamers. 

  • Make your own traps and catch ghosts from the streets. 
  • You are free to select any nearest map. There is no limitation. 
  • Use different kinds of laser beams to catch deadliest ghosts. 
  • Keep winning battles and meet Marshmallow Man in the final round. 
  • The story won’t make you feel that you are playing a game. 
  • Create your own ghost teams in the challenge multiplayer matches.
  • Try to login and play daily to win free points and trophies. 
  • Unlock new items from the store like guns, knives, traps etc. 
  • Maximize the strength of your character to win more rounds. 
  • You can play it on the android 6.0 and up version devices

Ghostbuster APK Download & Installation Guide:

  • Go to the top part of this page and click on the download button. 
  • From the menu, go to settings and turn on the “3rd Party App Installs”.
  • Find the Ghostbuster World APK file from file manager and click on it. 
  • Allow all the permissions that the game installation process will ask. 
  • Keep clicking on the “Next” button until complete installation. 
  • Open the app and enjoy the AP Based Ghost Capturing game

Bottom Line:

If you want to play an AR-based adventure game like Pokemon Go on your smartphone, then download Ghostbuster World APK latest version now from Home of APKs. It is a splendid game in which you need to capture ghosts from the streets. For this, you can use any of the maps present in the game and start capturing ghosts with laser beam guns and traps. So, don’t waste your free time. Get it now and take part in the multiplayer battles. 

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