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ghost kik apk

if you are waiting for an amazing prank app then the wait is over. Ghost kik apk is one of the best pranking instant messaging apps through which your can prank your friends and family members. A complete introduction of this amazing ghost kik apk is here so continue your reading.

Through using some fake ids ghost kik apk will allow the user to prank their friends and family member. Fake Kik messages will help you to do pranks and through this app, your friends and family members will never catch you. It’s an amazing application that has a lot of exciting features. Furthermore, the Kik apk fake camera will shock the user and the person to whom you are pranking. This app is totally similar to messenger, WhatsApp so anyone who uses Messenger and WhatsApp will easily understand its functions and moods, and then he can do a thrilling prank.


Offline Status In Ghost Apk

While pranking your friends and family members if you don’t want to allow them to check your online option then don’t get worried. Here in this app, you will find an offline option so you can easily hide your online status from them. So this amazing Kik app will help you to prank people.

Fake ids

You can create a fake id and can easily trap your friends and family member. By creating a fake id they will never get an idea that the person they know is behind this id. Furthermore, kik messenger hacked apk will help you to text them and to do a funny or thrilling prank on them. You can send a message easily through your fake id and then they will never be able to catch who is the person behind it. Surely it’s a wonderful and full of thrill app.

Secure application

As many people think that applications like ghost kik apk are not safe or secure. But no it’s not true about ghost kik apk. Because it is one of the safest and the best app and it’s only made for the purpose of entertainment and as we all know that the pranks in our world are taking another level. So it’s an easy and fun-loving way to prank your friends. Its purpose is only to add some thrill to the life of pranksters. Ghosts kik dark apk is just so wonderful and amazing application don’t need to worry about its security it will never steal anything from your personal device or do any kind of hacking. Furthermore, it’s not so difficult to do the kiki app download so can easily download it and can enjoy its amazing features.

Easily send and receive messages in kik Apk

In kik apk, you can send fake kik messages at a time to many people and can receive s a lot of messages at the same time without any problem. It’s just a cool and easy-to-use app and its amazing features will shock you and will definitely help you to prank your family members and friends. Kik new update has been launched with many other cool messaging features. You can also create a group for messaging in which you can include at least 10 people and can execute your pranking plan on all of them at the same time.

How to use Kik Apk

You can easily do a ghost kik free download process and after this, you just have to make an id on this it’s completely your choice that you want to create any real account or fake for pranking your friend and family members. If the user knows that how to use messenger WhatsApp and other applications like these then he will understand this application as well. In this application, you will have a messenger through which you can send and receive messages and can do video calls or voice calls. Ghost kik apk also allows the user to send Kik fake messages and Kik apk fake camera will help the user to do a prank on their family members or friends.

It’s just like the messenger but with some other exciting and unique features. The evil kik download process is not much difficult you can easily download it from the lay store just like you download other applications.

No Ads

We know that today all the applications are full of disturbing ads. In most applications, the ads pop up every 2 to 3 minutes and disturb the user all the time. Then the user has to watch the ad for at least 5 seconds because after the 5 seconds the application will allow the user to skip the app and then continue using the application. Not only this in most of the applications when you skip the ad then suddenly another ad will pop up to disturb you and again the user has to wait. It’s so annoying. So just don’t worry just do the evil kik download procedure and has some fun with it without any disturbance because this application does not involve any kind of useless ads that will disturb or annoy you. You can easily use it anytime without any tension of ads and it will never waste your time. Just download it and have some fun with it.

Additional information

  • The name of this application is ghost kik apk
  • The latest version of ghost kik apk is V.
  • The size of ghost kik apk is 13MB
  • The operating system of ghost kik apk is Android 4.0+
  • The price of this application is zero totaaly free

How to download ghost kik Apk

  • First to download the ghost kik apk just click on the below ghost kik link
  • The second step is that check that if the downloading process has begun.
  • In the third step, just keep some patience and wait for the downloading process to be done.

Installation Of Ghost Offline Apk

  • When the downloading process of ghost Kik apk is finished then follow these instructions to install the application
  • The first step is to go to the setting then security and then enable unknown sources
  • Make sure that your device has access to a third party source
  • The last step is to go to the download file and install the app.


Q1: Can we get ghost kik free download?

ANS: Yes, you can get ghost kik free download from google play store and kik free download for android can aslo be done in the same way. It’s totally free ap it will cost nothing

Q2: How to get ghost kik app?

ANS: You can easily get ghost kik from the google play store or in the downloading section we provide a link you can also download through the link.

Q3: What is ghost kik dark apk?

ANS: Ghost Kik dark apk is just another name used for ghost kik apk it is not any other application. Most people get confused between these two words but they are the two different names of the same application.

Q4: What are the steps for the ghost kik ios download process?

ANS: Ghost kik iPhone download is not an easy process because this application is not available on the app store. And if anyone tries to do ghost kik ios download procedure then its device can get a jailbreak. So choose wisely that what should you do before downloading the ghost kik apk on your ios device.


Ghost kik apk is one of the exciting and thrilling apps that will allow the user to message their fellows and to receive messages from their loved ones. The user can do a prank by using this fabulous application with the help of creating fake ids. Many people do pranks on their friends and family members and they have a lot of fun. This application has much better reviews. You can do video calls and audio calls to your loved one at any time at any place on this world. You will just need the internet to connect and have a lot of fun with this amazing app. So why you guys are wasting your time? Just download ghost kik apk and enjoy its thrilling features and do pranks on your friends and family members and add more excitement and fun to your life.

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