Download Game of Sultans Mod APK (Unlimited Money-Diamonds)

Ottoman Empire rules the world for hundreds of years and is an essential part of history. After the formation of dramas like the Magnificent Century craze for the sultans escalated; thus, the game of sultans mod apk received an overwhelming welcome. It is famous in Asia, Western Europe and North America. Sultan apk tests your leadership qualities and highlights your ideas about the ruling of the ottoman empire as a sultan or sultana. You will expand your kingdom, train warriors, fight battles, hold courtroom meetings and can ally with online players and even start your family.

If you want to act as a sultan or sultana but are worried about how a kingdom operates, this article has covered you completely. This article explores the specific features which forced google to recommend sultan the game apk to its users. It also describes sultan game apk gameplay, ways to download and install it. FAQs section clears the most common ambiguities. It will help you make the right decision and follow the correct path while playing this game. The final verdict concludes the article and supports your decision of playing a game of sultan mod apk.

Features  Game of Sultan Mod Apk

Some features which made the game of sultan mod famous globally in two years are as follows:

Unisexual Game of Sultan

Many games that show war and dominance have a male lead character. However, the game of sultans hile apk is unisexual. You can choose to be the sultana of the great Ottoman empire or the sultan. Other than the costumes, all responsibilities and duties are the same.

Imitation of the world

Game of Sultans apk hile is an imitation of reality. It describes the division of power and the responsibilities based on the hierarchy in a kingdom with warriors, commanders, teachers, researchers, governors, citizens and other kings. It displays real-life events of the ottoman era when fights and auctions took place openly. The sultans and sultanas can select their partners and produce heirs. They can also decide how they want their kids to behave.

Multiple events in Game of Sultan Mod Apk

The game of sultans indir celebrates different events worldwide. In the middle east, the characters in the game celebrate Ramadan and Eid festival. In Europe and America, the contest celebrates Christmas, Easter and the new year; moreover, the sultan the game apk celebrates its anniversary every year. During those days, many celebrations take place. In the latest version, players can have multiple pets.


You can play this game with your online friends or make new friends online. As people around the globe play this game, every moment, hundreds of players are online. You can choose to ally with these online fellows who act as the representatives of their kingdoms. For the sake of your kingdom’s expansion in the sultan game apk, you can get your heir to marry the heir of your alliance. On the other hand, you can also choose to fight with other kingdoms. This method also leads to expansion but with a risk of loss.

Themes in Game of Sultan Hack

Game of Sultans apk, also known as muhtesem sultan apk, offers different themes. You can have the battle in the oceans as well as deserts. You can go on a hunt in the suburbs or polish your ministers’ skills in the imperial academy. The game also offers a game of sultans cross-server war every three weeks. To participate in this war, your union must rank in the top third.

Sound Track in game of sultan mod apk

The sultans mod apk proceeds as a historical event where the old king dies, and you become the new sultan or sultana. It takes you back to the Ottoman era. The narrator’s voice’s coarseness turns the game into a thriller story. The music is middle eastern, which makes you feel the royalty of the ottoman sultan.

Multiple Rewards

Muhtesem sultan hile apk offers different types of rewards. They can be gems(diamonds), money, chests or VIP tickets. You will earn a game of sultan VIP points every time you make a purchase. However, sultan apk provides you with a game of sultans free VIP. Free VIP will help you move at a higher level in the game of sultans VIP levels.

No Ads

The game of sultans mod apk does not display any promotional ads. You do not have to view ads to earn rewards. The ad-free match will help you maintain your momentum and play the game without any obstructions. The no-ad feature will prevent your excitement from turning into anxiety. You will be able to play the game non-stop and enjoy the maximum in the minimum available time.

Gameplay Game of Sultan Mod Apk

The gameplay of the game of sultans apk is smooth and straightforward. Things can be a little tricky if you do not manage them in the best possible way. You have to remain focused and calm to play this game. The basic idea of the game is that you will act as the sultan or sultana of the world’s most famous empire. You will protect it and fight for its safety.

Moreover, you will be responsible for its development and expansion. However, the game does not refrain you from having a luxurious lifestyle. You can develop your name in whatever way you want it to happen.

The game starts with a story where the king dies, and he hands over the kingdom to his successor. You have enemies within your domain as well as outside. Some people act as manipulators and try to distract you. You have your commanders to support you in the battleground and the courtroom. Small logos indicate all important places in your kingdom, and flags highlight your targets. To start a war, you have to click on that castle, and the battle will stop only when you no longer have trained individuals. So, you have to maintain a balance between all the departments.

At a particular level, you can decide to marry someone and start a family. Many female and male characters are present in the game, which can help you make the right decision. If you want to do some good work, then you can also adopt an orphan.

To cheat the game of sultan, you can use the inbuilt game of sultan cheat codes. For example, Exo0xbaOEEZWlwH will give you unlimited diamonds, and wLirfgjNRWbOaj7 will provide you with a VIP ticket. One most crucial hack for the game of sultans is to upgrade your viziers. Updating will cost you gems but will give you a lot of power. You can use this power in the battleground to earn more rewards.

Additional Information game of sultan mod apk

if you wish to become a sultan, then this section can help you make the right decision.

  • The latest version of the game of sultans modded apk is 3.2.01. this version has many new features like a lot of pets. The game is developing manifolds with every passing year.
  • It requires a 4.4 and above android version.
  • It takes up 644Mb space.

Sultan The game download

To get the installation file of the sultan apk and download the sultan game, follow the given steps

  • Press on the provided link.
  • Clunk the download button.
  • After some time, the file is present in your downloaded files folder.

Installation of Game of Sultan Mod Apk

To turn the downloaded file into a working kingdom, follow the given steps

  • Go to your mobile settings and allow app download from an unknown publisher.
  • Press the install button from the file that you have downloaded previously.
  • After some time, the game is ready to use.

Game of sultans is specifically designed for mobile phones. However, if you want to get a game of sultans PC version, you will have to download and install an emulator. NOx player is the best option for an emulator. After the download, allow android apps to download. Now you should follow the steps mentioned above to get the game on your PC.


Everyone has different questions about a game, but some of them are common. Here we are addressing the most common questions about the game of sultans apk.

Q1# Is it free of cost?

The game of sultans is free of charge. The only thing which it costs is your time. However, the game does have in-app purchases.

Q2# Is it necessary to be online while playing this game?

The game of sultans is a social game. To connect to other individuals, you have to be online. Thus, you cannot play this game if you are offline.

Q3 # Can I get a game of sultan for my iPhone?

You can download the game of sultans from your apple store.


The game of sultans apk mod gives you a real-life experience of history and kingdoms. You get accustomed to their internal as well as external feuds. You are the supreme authority in this game. It helps you develop managerial and leadership skills as you will look after tons of things. Different types of rewards help you get the maximum advantage from this game. Diverse landscapes, themes and events make this game exciting and entertaining.

Cross-server war makes it highly engaging. As this game is taking its position on the game field, thousands of players are available online all the time. No ads and well-planned thirteen VIP levels help you progress in the game gradually and be among the top third unions with a bit of effort. This article has described the features and gameplay of sultans and how to download sultan, the game modded version. It has put everything on a silver platter for you, so do not wait any more and download your match now.

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