Extra lives Mod Apk latest (Zombie Survival Sim, No Ads )

Want to interact with the zombies bitterly. Download extra lives (zombie survival sim) and enter into the world of zombies. With the extra lives mod apk download, you can entertain yourself with some free features also.

The extra lives Is a game in which the player moves towards an obvious objective, and this achievement of the aim is not going to be easy. The player has to face many zombies and some ruthless people on his way to his goal. By killing all these and defending himself, the player can reach his ultimate destination.

The game has many features for its players. It has 200 different characters in the game for its players; these 200 characters are divided into eight different groups; each group comes with a different strategy and mindset to play this game. It offers 50 different locations through which the players have to go through to achieve their ultimate aim. These all features will become accessible for you when you download the extra lives apk full version.

In this article, we are going to provide a small guide about how you can download the extra lives mdickie, what will be the free features that you will get with the experiment z cheats, some additional information about the experiment z hack apk, gameplay of mdickie extra lives and a few things more.

Features oF Extra Lives Mod Apk

Download apk extra and have all these features for free.

Extra Lives Unlocked All Characters: 

 the mdikie offers 200 characters that are managed in 8 different groups in its game extra lives. Each group of characters has different mindsets and strategies to reach their objectives. These characters get unlocked as you reach the higher levels in the game, .but with the live or die mod apk, you are going to have all these 200 characters unlocked.

Extra Lives Free costumes:

 there are a bunch of costumes available for your characters in the game, extra lives. You can buy these costumes with the money you earn in the game. 

Go download the extra lives mod apk and get all the costumes for free. Enter into the game every time with a new costume.

Extra Lives Unlimited money:

let’s have some unlimited amount of money with the experiment z cheats. This money will remain helpful for you as you proceed in the game. Upgrades and some purchases can be made with this money.

Unlocked locations In Extra Live Mod Apk

 there are a total of 50 locations in the game. Each is different from the other. No two can be similar. These locations will get unlocked with time and progression. 


Explore all of the 50 locations at a time with the extra lives apk full version.

Controls On Extra live Mod Apk

The controls of the game are a little complicated. You have to command both the right-hand and left-hand controls in the game extra lives.

  1. The first red button on the screen allows the player to attack from both hands.
  2. The blue button is for the pickup and drop of something from both hands.
  3. When you press both blue and red button on one side, this will let your character consumes whatever he has in his hand.
  4. When you press both red buttons. It will combine the two things that you will have in both hands.
  5. When you press both the attack buttons together, your character will pick up his opponent.
  6. When you double-tap on a screen at any location, your character will run to its maximum speed.
  7. Touch the health meter to let your character sleep so that he can restore his energy.

Gameplay Of Extra Lives Mod Apk

The gameplay is fascinating.

The player gets into the world of zombies, and he has to achieve a unique specified goal on his journey. On his way to the goal, he has to face many mindless zombies and some ruthless people. He has to struggle as much as possible to achieve his goal by killing the zombies and the people. There will be many things in the game for the player from which he can give the zombies a defeat and continue his journey. 

There are 50 different locations and 200 different characters. Each group of characters plays the game differently. This will make the game enjoyable every time you switch the character. 

In the game, you can have upgraded character’s skills and choose the number of zombies you want to interact with within every level.

There is a team deathmatch mode is also available.

Additional Information

Let’s have some additional information about the experiment z cheats.

  • The name of the game is extra lives.
  • Its latest version is 1.141
  • The genera of the game are an adventure.
  • The android version required for the successful download is android 4.0
  • The size of the file is 49.72 MB
  • The developers of the game are MDickie

Download Extra Lives Apk Full Version

To download the extra lives apk you need to follow the following steps.

  • Get the file from the download link below.
  • The file will complete its downloading procedure in 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Install is on your device.

How To Install Extra live Mod APK

The installation will need the following important steps.

  • Open the file manager and have the downloaded file of the extra lives apk full version
  • Start the installation of the file.
  • Open the game and start killing zombies.


Q1# Can I control the number of zombies coming in my way in the extra lives?

Yes, the most enchanting feature the extra lives. In the game, the player can control the number of zombies coming his way. It is advisable to start with a minimum of zombies and gradually increase their gameplay number.

Be gradual, be steady!

Q2 # What graphic engine is used in the extra lives?

The 3D graphic engine is used in the extra lives but the graphic quality is not very good and up to the mark. The games these days are having some incredible graphics but extra lives unable to reach that high level of graphics.

Q3 # What will be the features that I will get the extra lives mod apk?

Following are some features that you will be going to have with the extra lives apk full version.

  • Unlimited coins.
  • Unlocked characters.
  • Unlocked levels.
  • No ads.
  • Free upgrades.


Here is a brief conclusion for you.

The extra lives is an adventure game in which the player has to face zombies and zombies like people when he is on a journey towards his goal. There will be many attempts in the game for you through which you can reach your destination by killing your enemies.

The game has many features for the attraction of its players, like 200 characters that are managed in 8 different groups, 50 different and unique locations, different modes, a closet to unlock, and some upgrades. 

You can have all these for free with the extra lives mod apk.

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