Evil Nun 2 Apk Download [Latest Version/Free to Download]

Evil Nun 2 Apk

Evil Nun 2 Apk is a mobile game developed by Keplerians Horror Games for Android devices. You’re in for lots of scary and exciting adventures! In this game, you will have to escape from various monsters and a serial killer set in a sinister atmosphere. We’ve never played a game so scary before!

If you are a Horror gamer, 3D horror movie fan, haunted house movie enthusiast, journey escape fan, or even if you simply love horror animation, you’ll probably miss playing Nun video games once again. The scary granny’s story is the worst horror tale you could have ever heard and the terrifying video game. We know you love it!

Even though Evil Nun 2 is free-to-play, it is of excellent quality. It’s not that Madeline looks like a monstrous monster. Instead, she looks like a scowling nun. But she is surrounded by an army of terrifying monsters as well. Everything she does and says is terrifying. Almost every day, the enemies raid the monastery. The discovery of any other life would not be able to escape her grasp.


There is an adaptation of the game at a famous movie theater. A nun might be seen as a demon due to her transformation. Her face was covered with a nun’s suit, but she had horrific scars. Modifications to the original Evil Nun game were made in Evil Nun 2 Apk. Better features will make the experience even scarier. The house is also made up of a more diverse map system. Several changes have been made since the first release. 

With the release of version 2, developers Keplerians Horror Games have delighted the audience even more. Both Android and iOS versions of the game have been released. The game can be downloaded for free and played on both platforms. A great way to let people access it more easily. As the player moves around, crouches, and stands up, a joystick controls its movement, as well as objects to pick up and use. Nothing can be done but to fight the nun and her evil creations and hide when our lives are threatened.

The gameplay and context remain the same as in the original. It is your job to escape the evil grandmother’s house in Evil Nun 2 Apk. More maps have been added to the game. Each floor has its own set of rooms. This evil lady can also be attacked. When you are running from the previous version, almost all will be in search of the exit. Next, various types of offensive weapons have been included in this version. These weapons can be used again to attack the evil woman. A weapon that causes the villain to feel pain is knives or strong acids. This will make the villain more powerful in turn.

Features of Evil Nun 2 

Solve Puzzles:

Several puzzles must be solved in order to escape. While attempting to solve the puzzle with this woman, you will undoubtedly run into many difficulties. Her animals will make you nervous when you play with them. If you encounter this nun during the game, it seems that you will always feel anxious.

Don’t Make Noise:

You must bypass terrifying creatures and monsters in Evil Nun 2 Apk. In order to avoid being heard by the monsters, you must not make any noise. The walkthrough reveals to you that staying quiet and not making noise may not be as easy as it seems, but if you want to survive, you should try. If you want to survive, you should avoid fighting some enemies. Enjoy Evil Nun 2 and let your nerves run wild! Be careful not to evoke the worst reactions with loud noises.

Graphics and Sound:

Additionally, these characters seem to be straight out of a horror movie. You can immerse yourself in a fear-filled atmosphere when playing Evil Nun 2. You can see realistic-looking characters in the game. Further, they look like they just emerged from a horror movie. You will feel a chill running down your spine as you listen to heavy soundtracks or hear the sounds of monsters growling.

Not Suitable for Kids:

Among the most popular Android horror games is Evil Nun 2 Apk. Thus, this game is not meant for those seeking entertainment or a way to pass the time. If you don’t want young children to be scared so badly that they will not go to the bathroom at night, then you should not let them play this game.

How to Download and Install Evil Nun 2 Apk

Follow the below steps carefully if you want to download this game without facing any issues with our website. The steps are following:

  1. Click on the Download Button given in the article, which will redirect you to the new Downloading page. 
  2. On that page, you again get the Direct Download Button. Just click on it, and that’s it. Within a few seconds, you can see from the notification that the apk file of this game starts downloading.
  3. Now once it is completed, open the File Explorer app on your Android phone or tablet and then move to the Downloads Folder.
  4. After that, look for the apk file and then open it,
  5. Now give all the permission and then tap on the install button.


Question 1: Is the Evil Nun 2 Apk real?

Answer: There is no true story behind The Nun. Even though the things that happened in Warren’s cases may or may not be true, it’s possible that The Nun was inspired by them.

Question 2: Who is gummy in an evil nun game?

Answer: Evil Nun’s favorite pet, Elisa Gummy (Sister Madeline’s companion in Evil Nun 2), appears as a pet of Sister Madeline in Evil Nun 2. According to notes found in the school, his creation results from Sister Madeline transferring Elisa’s spirit to a chicken. Gummy is believed to be inhabited by a portion of Elisa.

Final Verdict

If you love Horror games, try out this Evil Nun 2 Apk. This game gives you a goose bump while playing alone at night. It also offers you the best features and graphics that keep you entertained all the time. You are only at the beginning of your terrifying nightmare!

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