Darkness Rises Mod Apk Latest 2021 (Unlimited Gems /Gold)

Are you an FPS player already? But want to have some FPA games that you can play offline also here we bring for you the Darkness rises mod APK

Darkness rises is one of the PRG games in which the evils are waiting for and you are the only hope of mankind that you are going to save them and end that darkness that evils have spread in the world. The evils enter into the world from the gates of hell and try their best to destroy the world where the humans live peacefully before their arrival. You are the only savior of the world. You have to fight with them and end them by showing them your skills and powers.

The darkness rises has many features that you can enjoy. You can play different modes of battles in the game, you can choose different heroes from different classes, there are many levels to unlock in the game, and have many other features to experience. You can have all these and many other for free with the darkness rises APK download.

In this article we have provided you with a guide on how you can get the darkness rises APK mod, what are the features that are for free with the darkness rises hack APK, the installation procedure of rise of darkness mod APK, some important additional information about the cheat darkness rises, it’s gameplay and many more.


Features of darkness rises cheats:

Some free features o the darkness rises hack are.

  • Unlimited gems: darkness reborn hacked entertain you with an unlimited number of gems. Having these gems is very important in the game. For upgrades and all kinds of unlocking you have to be full of gems.
  • Unlimited golds: besides gems, gold is another currency in the darkness rises but this has a lower value than the gems. You can do little upgrades with this gold, can buy some low-end accessories for your hero. Download darkness reborn hacked APK and never get short of golds in the game.
  • Unlocked characters: there are many characters from different classes in the blackmod. You can unlock them by spending gems and by leveling up in the game but darkness rises mod APK entertain you with every character for free. You don’t have to spend money for unlocking these characters when you have darkness rises APK.
  • Unlimited food: the availability of food for your heroes are also limited. This food is necessary for the hero to get energy. With this food, the hero can remain sustained for a longer period in the game.

Eat unlimited food in the game with the darkness rises hack APK.

  • Unlocked skills: there is an up-gradation feature in which you can upgrade, unlock new skills in your owned hero. These upgrades need money. You can’t upgrade it for free in the original version of darkness rises.

Have a skillful warrior with the cheat darkness rises mod APK.

  • Upgrades: the essence of the games is also upgradable. Spend the money and improve the powers of your character. Every hero has given some specific powers that are not like the others. When you invest in these powers you’ll see astonishing results.


Darkness rises best class: 

There are many classes in the darkness rises for which you can select a character for yourself. You can own different characters from different classes also. the classes of darkness rises are.

  • Assassin class: if you have become a pro in the darkness rise then you can choose from this class. This is made for the players who can kill the enemy in seconds by using the power of their hero.
  • Berserker class: in this class, the heroes are embellished with heavy and elite weapons. If you want an RPG game with some high-end weapons then this class is made for you.

wizard class:

  • specifically in this class, you will get the manna that no other class has. She can kill the enemies in seconds.
  • warrior class:  like fighting with swords rather than guns? Then this class is there to entertain you with the warriors holding swords.



Darkness rises is a PRG game with different features and unique gameplay.

The dark evils are destroying the world where mankind was used to live peacefully before the arrival of these dark levels. The humans are hoping for your arrival now as a hero. You are supposed to enter the world that has been disrupted badly by the dark evils that came from the hells. You have to fight with them by using your different skills and powers to restore the peace of the world.

There are many classes of heroes from which you can own one of your choices depending upon the type of the fight, there are challenges and tournaments also available for you so that you can earn rewards when you win them, the boss challenges are also there, the essence upgrades and the skills unlocking makes the game more interesting as you proceed in it.


Additional information: 

  • Name of the game is darkness rises.
  • The latest version of the darkness rises is 1.45.0
  • The category of the game is role-playing.
  • Android 4.4 and above are compatible with the darkness of rises mod apk download.
  • Developers of the darkness rises mod apk are NEXON company



  • Get the darkness rises mod apk with the unlimited from our download link.
  • After clicking on the download link, the darkness rises will be there in just a few minutes.
  • Install it according to the guide.



  • Click on the darkness rises mod apk file in the file manager of your device.
  • It will start installing as soon as you click on it.
  • Start the game and become a savior



Q1 # Which is the best class in the darkness rises?

Berserker has considered the best class in the darkness rises mod apk. This is found best of all because it can knock down the enemies without upgrades. The character in this class with their originals skills and powers can kill the enemies. There is no need to upgrade the berserker class in the game.

Q2# How can I level up in the darkness rises?

To level up in the darkness rises there are some important tips to consider.

  • Choose the character wisely by considering the level and the powers of your enemy.
  • Get control of the moves and skills of your enemy.
  • Upgrade the powers of your character continuously in the game.
  • Unlock new skills also in the game to make your character more powerful.
  • Play the game consistently.

Q3 # Can I delete a character in the darkness rises after I bought it?

There is no option to delete a character in the darkness rises. You can change the character but never thought of deleting the previous one.

Q4 # Is there any darkness rises PC?

Darkness rises is role playing android game. But its PC and IOS version is also available now. You can play the darkness rises on the pc by downloading it from the bluestack application.

There are other ways also to download but having it from the blue stack application is the quickest and easiest of them.



Let’s end that long discussion on darkness rises with a short conclusion.

The darkness rises is an RPG game in which you have to play the role of a hero. This hero strives for the betterment of the world by fighting with the enemies that have disrupted the peace of the world.

There are many modes, challenges, and different classes of heroes in the game that you can unlock to entertain yourself. This unlocking, skill upgradations, and many more things will become free for you when you have the darkness of rises mod apk. You can also try My Singing Monsters Mod Apk.

Go, have the cheat darkness rises with the darkness rises hack apk, and enjoy the game


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