Civilization Revolution 2 Apk Download Free (Unlimited Gems, Coins)

Civilization Revolution 2 Apk

The subject of history has always fascinated people. Although some of the facts lack adequate support, they contain many fascinating facts about ancient and modern times. The sequel to the popular Civilization Revolution was released this year. As a surprise, we have just released the mobile version of the Civilization Revolution 2 Apk game, and you will be able to play the game on your mobile wherever you are.

As a Strategy game with highly upgraded challenges and achievements, Civilizations Revolution 2 is one of today’s most popular games. The player will construct his or her own country within this game. The individual will be responsible for constructing living structures and promoting the community. To keep one’s community and country safe, one must prevent the enemy from attacking them periodically.

It provides more exciting and new features than ever before, so you can play it. In the new game, the original leaders return along with new ones in order to make their empires stronger. Winston Churchill and President John F. Kennedy are among the new leaders joining Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon. Every player in the game has a specific task to accomplish to save the world. They have to follow the rules given to them.


A number of historical figures are available to choose from as avatars. Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon Bonaparte are among the characters from the original game who return for the spin-off. The list has been expanded to include Churchill and Kennedy as well. A variety of options are available for building empires. Once you have chosen your avatar and selected the country, the next task is to pick the capital. Once the players have built cities, they can begin exploring the capitals of their enemies.

As you expand your territories, do not forget to train and assemble your troops and send them to attack your enemies. The possibility of making an ideal state, which in real life is only imaginable, is made possible by the extensive list of options and individual configurations. By exploring the trade and combat aspects of the game, which are essential to sustaining a civilization, players will also be able to influence its outcome over time. There is also an individual prowess that sets each civilization apart from those around them.

Civilization Revolution 2 APK leverages the 3D graphics engine to its fullest potential as a starting point. The game contains several new characters and gameplay elements that ought to make it more engaging than its predecessor. A new civilization has emerged, Korea. Lenin, the Russian Communist leader, and King Sejong of Joseon are new leaders. A new world of wonders awaits you as new technologies, artillery units, and new ways to strengthen your unit are available.

Features of Civilization Revolution 2 Apk

Addictive game:

The first game you win with Civilization Revolution 2 Apk requires little to no practice, even though it is very addictive. You can win a real-time strategy game even if you’re an amateur with some luck and patience.

Develop Country:

From the beginning of the modern era through the present and even the future, the player’s empire will have to endure a long path of development. Each era has its own unique characteristics, such as its rulers, its military, and its culture. Even so, no matter what era players are playing in the development of the empire, they must continually research and apply new technology.

In order to build the most advanced weapons for warfare, the army must utilize not only construction technology but also military technology. As well as defensive systems, players should guard against their opponents catching up as well.

Defeat your Enemies:

Research, development, and infiltration into other countries are all considerations that players should take into account as they combine invasion and defense. The game will feature a massive upgrade system to manage the empire and improve many major functions. The invasion process is essential when it comes to destroying the enemy’s forces, as the player must control the army to do so.

How to Download and Install Civilization Revolution 2 Apk

Follow the below steps carefully if you don’t want to face any issue in downloading this game from our website. So let’s move toward the steps.:

  1. The first step is to click on the button given in the article, which will redirect you to the new Page. 
  2. On that page, you will see the timer. You need to wait here. 
  3. Once it ends, you again get the Download Button. Now just click on it.
  4. Within a few seconds, your game starts downloading on your Android Device.
  5. Once the downloading completes, go to the File Explorer app on your phone.
  6. Then move to the Downloads Folder and look for the Apk File.
  7. Once you get it, tap on it to open it. Here it asked you to give permission to install the app. Make sure you allow all of them.
  8. Once it’s done, just tap on the install button to install it on your Android phone or tablet. 


Question 1: Is Civilization Revolution 2 Apk a good game?

Answer: With Civilization Revolution 2, it has announced its next venture into tablet gaming. It is now available on iOS devices and will arrive on Android devices shortly. Nonetheless, if you would like a strategy game that teaches you something about the magic of the Civilization series, this is a great option.

Question 2: Can we Play Civilization Revolution 2 on our PC?

Answer: Yes, you can play this game on your PC with the help of Emulator. An Emulator is a program that allows you to play any Android game and apps on your PC easily. I recommend you to try Bluestack and Memu Play Emulator because it’s trusted and loved by millions of people from all over the world. 

Question 3: What is the newest Civilization Revolution?

Answer: Each civilization has its own leader, giving players the chance to choose one of 16 civilizations. There are different bonus technologies, Great People, and special abilities for each civilization at the beginning of the game.

Final Verdict

It’s also fun to change the difficulty setting. You can choose between the King and Emperor levels according to how ambitious you are. You could become a benevolent despot through Civilization Revolution 2 APK one day. Please review the game after you finish playing it.

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