Download Block Strike Mod Apk Latest 2023 (Unlimited Money/Weapons)

Want to download block strike mod apk? Looking for a trusted source to download from? Here we are.

The block strike is a first-person shooter game where you have to choose your weapons and firearms to battle against your enemy. The graphics of the block strike game are almost similar to the Minecraft, both have pixel graphics.

The action lover players from all around the world are wanting to have a firearm in their hands so that they came across to their bitter enemies and surpass them. The game offers a huge range of maps, modes, character’s sinks, weapons, and weapon skins also their up-gradation makes the game more exciting and enjoyable for the player.

In this article we will give you details about how you can successfully download the block strike hack apk, what will be the features you will get from the game when you download the block strike cheats, some additional features, gameplay, and a little more.

Let get into the details.


Features oF Block Strike Mod Apk:

In the block strike mod menu, you will have the following features.

  • Graphics: this is one of the most unique features the block strike has. The game has pixel graphics. These graphics were heavily appreciated for the legendry game, Minecraft and after that, the block strike continues Minecraft’s legacy of graphics.
  • Unlimited money: with the block strike money hack you get the unlimited money in the game that will be used in the upgradations of characters, weapons, and skins.

If you play on the usual version then you have to earn money by completing different challenges and by opening chests and this sometimes becomes frustrating for the players.

  • Availability of modes: in both the block strike pc and the block strike android you will get a half dozen of modes in which you can play freely. These modes are.
    • Team deathmatch
    • Death run
    • Gun game
    • Hunger games.
    • Zombie survival.
    • Bunny hop
    • Surfing

With every new mode, the urge to play the game increases tremendously.

  • Variety of weapons: the game has a huge variety of weapons. There are over 40 weapons that are in the count. These includes
    • Shotguns
    • Barrels
    • Machine guns
    • Pistols
    • Rifles
    • Melee weapons.
    • Submachine guns
  • Skins: there are a huge number of skins for that attraction of players in the block strike 3D. the game offers you hundreds of skins for both your character and guns. These skins are for free when you download the block strike mod apk and get the cheats for block strike.

If you haven’t download the block strike hack apk and playing the usual one then you have to earn the skins by completing different                   challenges or you have to buy them with the money that earns in the game.

  • Maps: the block strike game has a huge variety of maps. There are over 70 different maps in which you can play with your friends. With the block strike hack apk you will get all the maps already unlocked and you don’t have to pay for them.



The game is just a simple shooting game in which the player shoots the opponents or the terrorists on the map with his powerful weapons and stays undefeated with the help of his tactics and strong armors.

The game offers many modes, maps, weapons, and armors to its loyal players from all around the world.

The player has to shoot his opponent in the game, the opponent can be his friend, a computer, or someone from the world. The headshot will consume almost 90% of the opponent’s health. The player has to remain attentive because a headshot on himself too can make him dead. The game is to remain in the play for the maximum time without being dead. You can also download mask gun mod apk which is similar to block strike mod apk have same feature.

The cooler player will be the one who remains till the end of the game when all the others are gone dead.

This is simply a play of the defense, attack, attentiveness, and intelligence tactics.


Additional features of Block Strike Hacked Apk:

Let’s guide you about some additional features of the game.

  • Name of the game is block strike
  • The Android version needed for the download is android 4.0
  • The version of the game is 7.0.5
  • The game lies in the category of action games.
  • It is updated 3 days ago.
  • Author of the game rexet studio.


How to download the block strike (unlimited money apk)?

To download the block strike generator, follow the following steps carefully.

  • Click on the download button down below.
  • Wait until you get a notification when the game downloaded successfully on your device.
  • It will take 2-3 minutes for successful downloading.
  • After downloading install it on your device.



To install the game on your device, follow the following steps.

  • Search the downloaded file.
  • Once you get it, click on it and start its installation.
  • Allow your device to install things from unknown sources also, for a while.
  • The installation will get done in 2 to 3 seconds.

Now simply start the game and enjoy it.



Q1 # Why should people download the apk versions of games?

People are preferring to have apk mods than to have the original ones because these provide unlimited features for free that in the original versions player have to earn with a little hard work.

Also, some games are not made for phones, and pc or google play store doesn’t support your region for that game. In these situations,s the APK modes are there for its gamers from all around the world.

Q2 # What kind of game block strike is?

Block strike is an action-based game. The player has a map of terrorists in which he has to survive by giving death to everyone else. If the player sustained till the end of the game he wins the play and earns many rewards like money and chest. Through these rewards, he can upgrade his characters, weapons, armors and can buy skins.

The game is available in multiplayer mode also. So, players can play with their friends too from all around the world.

In addition to all these good aspects, the bad side of the game is, it lacks offline mode. You should have a strong internet connection if you really want to enjoy the game.

Q3 # When was the block strike released?

The game block strike was released on December 15, 2015.

Q4 # Ho to download block strike on PC?

Download the block strike on PC by following these enlisted steps.

  • In the first step, download the blue stack on your PC.
  • Now complete the requirements of the blue stack that to sign in with the google account.
  • After doing so, you can now access the play store on your PC.
  • Now on the play store search for the block strike game.
  • Locate the original one and download it on your PC.



It’s time to conclude the above long discussion with a summary.

The block strike is a game for action lovers and the Minecraft lover also going to love this game. The availability of a huge amount of maps, armor skins, weapons, and modes makes the game more interesting and enjoyable.

Block strike unlimited money? You are surely talking about the block strike mod apk. With this download, the gamer will have unlimited money, unlocked weapons, maps, skins, and armors in the game. People are enjoying the block strike hack apk more than the original one because of the unlimited number of cheats and features the block strike mod apk is offering. You can also download super mechs mod apk having similar feature like block strike mod apk with unlimited money,token

If you enjoy playing with the block strike cheats let your friends know about this link so that they can enjoy it too.

If you find it difficult to download from this link, let us know about your queries in the comment section below.

Your response will be appreciated.

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