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The lunch order has been placed. The act of paying a debt. Logging your steps each day. Millions of people do things like this every day on their smartphones, and now stock trading and investment have joined the ranks.

Having a functional smartphone app is now considered a prerequisite for success among U.S. online stockbrokers, including both established players like Fidelity and Charles Schwab and upstarts like Robinhood and Webull. In this saturated market, the best trading apps are the ones that cater to your individual requirements and tastes.

Best Trading Application

Stock market apps that stand out must excel in all areas, including usability, aesthetics, features, and, most importantly, free stock and ETF trades.

Twenty-four of the best stock trading apps from seventeen different brokers were rigorously evaluated across more than twenty-five aspects for our 2023 Annual Review. To achieve a high score, a broker had to excel in all aspects of the stock trading experience. In the lab, we used an iPhone 12 Pro for the tests (Apple iOS).

Top Stock Market Mobile Applications in 2023

Badge from’s 2023 Year in Review
In 2023, these online brokers offer the greatest stock market mobile apps.

Top Mobile Investing App: TD Ameritrade
Top Specialized Applications for Interactive Brokers
E*TRADE Is the Finest Stock Traders’ App
Best App for Beginners: Fidelity
Top Financial and Study App: Merrill Edge
T.D. Ameritrade
5/5 Stars
In General, 5.0
The Top App, Period

Zero Dollar Minimum Deposit
Shares Change Hands for Zero Dollars
Options ($0.65) Per Contract
Both TD Ameritrade Mobile, which is quite similar to the client web interface, and the robust thinkorswim app are available to TD Ameritrade customers, along with zero-cost trades, outstanding trading platforms, excellent market analysis, and industry-leading education for novices. Check out the complete review here!

provides a venue for any investment
A plethora of studies
Superb, in-depth instructional material
The layout and wording of competing brokers are more user-friendly.
No crypto or share fractions allowed.
Financial Markets Using Interactive Brokers
4.5/5 Stars
As a Whole: 4.5
Top-Rated Applications in Each Niche

Zero Dollar Minimum Deposit
Shares Change Hands for Zero Dollars
Contract Options Price: $0.65
Interactive Brokers provides robust support for mobile trading on all major platforms and devices. Interactive Brokers provides all the tools necessary for professionals in three powerful apps, from real-time data streaming to comprehensive order entry and portfolio management. Check out the complete review here!

Incredible variety of easily adjustable options
enables transactions in international markets
Investors can save time and effort with the use of apps.
Tight in its regulations on commercial transactions
Possible chilliness on main stages
Open Site in New Window
Discounted margins for new customers.

5/5 Stars
In General, 5.0
The Top Stock Market App

Zero Dollar Minimum Deposit
Shares Change Hands for Zero Dollars
Contract Options Price: $0.65
With its user-friendly and feature-packed mobile apps, ETRADE maintained a high position in our 2023 Review. Our suggestion is that you trade stocks via ETRADE Mobile and options using Power E*TRADE Mobile. Check out the complete review here!

The use of watch lists is unparalleled.
Quick and easy smartphone navigation
Morgan Stanley’s exclusive research on the ultra-wealthy
At this time, cryptocurrencies are not available.
When compared to other brokers, your margin rates are quite expensive.
5/5 Stars
In General, 5.0
Most Useful App for Beginners

Zero Dollar Minimum Deposit

Shares Change Hands for Zero Dollars
Contract Options Price: $0.65
The mobile app for Fidelity is well-organized, error-free, and provides an outstanding experience for traders. For regular investors, Fidelity’s app is top-notch, and beginners will like Bloom and Spire. Check out the complete review here!

The study and app are top-notch.
Superb schooling
Trusted by customers for decades
There is no specialized trading app for mobile devices.
Mercer’s Fringe
5/5 Stars
In General, 5.0
The Finest Software for Studying and Banking

Zero Dollar Minimum Deposit
Shares Change Hands for Zero Dollars
Contract Options Price: $0.65
With Merrill Edge, users are given just the necessary amount of data to make educated decisions without being buried in minutiae. Those already using Bank of America will like the convenience of its mobile app. Check out the complete review here!

The Stock and Fund Stories, as well as Portfolio Story and Dynamic Insights, are revolutionary additions.
Superior Private Investigations
There are some sluggish page sections.
No virtual currencies, futures, FX, or microcap stocks
Apps for trading stocks: a comparative review
It’s no wonder that investors want the same functionality provided on desktop trading platforms to be made available in stock trading apps when smartphones become as powerful as the typical laptop computer. The integration of these instruments, however, is crucial.

Real-time streaming quotations, charting with numerous indicators, and synchronized watch lists are popular features; yet, some fundamental offerings may be absent. Less than half of stock applications, for instance, offer even the most fundamental stock alerts.

The finest mobile apps conceal an abundance of features without making it difficult to access them by the user (through swiping, touching a menu, or selecting from a drop-down list). See at how the top five in our list fared below.

In search of a Forex trading app? Visit our sister site to see our recommended forex trading apps.

Including logos for Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, E*TRADE, Merrill Edge, and Interactive Brokers.
Stocks that are making waves in the market (the best performers)
Streaming Live TV: Yes | No | Yes
Access to On-Demand Video: Yes
Investment Alerts, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
Available Option Chains to See
List of Things to Keep an Eye On?
Put It On Your Watchlist (Streaming)
The Capability to Make and Edit Suspicious Activity Reports
Column customization for watchlists Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Column Filtering in the Watch List Yes Yes Yes Yes
Go to the Site Go to the Site
Side-by-Side Comparison of Over a Hundred Features

2023 IB FeaturedBroker
Lowest Price Intermediary
From one convenient account, you may trade stocks, options, futures, currencies, and bonds in markets across the world. Click Here! explains what features to search for in a broker’s mobile app.
TD Ameritrade Wins for Best Mobile Trading Platform
Logo for TD Ameritrade
TD Ameritrade’s two robust mobile apps and $0 trading commissions make it a leading competitor among mobile apps in 2023 for both iOS and Android smartphones. The suite comprises of the TD Ameritrade Mobile app, which is very similar to the client online portal, and the robust thinkorswim app, which offers capabilities and advanced charting that are also available on the web and desktop versions of the program.

Common investors will find TD Ameritrade Mobile’s news, price alerts, watch list syncing, and basic charts, as well as ratings and research reports from third-party suppliers, to be very useful.

Technical analysis experts will appreciate the thinkorswim mobile app’s access to some of the most sophisticated charting packages available on mobile devices, including more than 400 indicators. Smart design and layout also simplify the process of preparing multiple order types. CNBC’s news headlines and TV feeds are available to traders on the TD Ameritrade Network around the clock. To learn more about TD Ameritrade, please read our in-depth review.

Gallery of TD Ameritrade Mobile Apps

Zoom in on the TD Ameritrade mobile app’s dashboard Zoom in on the app’s stock watch list Zoom in on the app’s stock quote screen Zoom in on the app’s stock third party ratings Zoom in on the app’s stock quote news feed Zoom in on the app’s earnings calendar Zoom in on the app’s options chain Zoom in on the app’s earnings calendar Zoom in on the app’s options chain Zoom in on the app’s options chain
Thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade: A Collection of Apps

The thinkorswim mobile app’s dashboard, watch list, stock quote, order entry, advanced order trade ticket, stock chart, trade analysis, option chain, and multi-leg order ticket. The thinkorswim mobile app’s stock quote. The thinkorswim mobile app’s stock order entry. The thinkorswim mobile app’s stock order entry.
Runner-up, Best Specialized Apps: Interactive Brokers
Logo for Interactive Brokers
The Trader Workstation, Interactive Brokers’ main tool for desktop computers, consistently ranks among the best in the industry. It provides three distinct apps: the all-encompassing IBKR; the GlobalTrader app for novice international stock traders; and the Impact app for ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investment.

While IBKR Mobile isn’t the best option for those just getting started in the investing world, it does provide access to virtually every tool and feature an experienced investor could want. The app’s strong points include of real-time data streaming, comprehensive order entry, portfolio management, and advanced charting with 70 customizable indicators. The fact that stock alerts are sent via email rather than push notification is a strange limitation.

For ethical and sustainable stock screening, Interactive Brokers has one of the top mobile apps. The company has developed an app called “Impact” to cater to the rising popularity of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investments. Users select values important to them, such as access to clean water, and report business activities that they find offensive, such as the use of animals in experiments or excessive use of fossil fuels. The software finds businesses that share the user’s beliefs and allows them to “switch” portfolio positions with a single trade.

Although still in beta, GlobalTrader’s ease of use is a joy to experience. It’s as simple to use as Robinhood, a game-changer in the market, but it gives you access to Interactive Brokers’ extensive tools as your interest in and expertise with investing develop. Access 90 markets from around the world and trade in fractional shares or cryptocurrencies with GlobalTrader. This is a comprehensive look at Interactive Brokers.

A Collection of IBKR Mobile Apps

Overview of your account in the Interactive Brokers mobile app Zoom in on your stock watch list Zoom in on your stock quote screen Zoom in on your stock ESG analysis Zoom in on your stock sentiment in the Interactive Brokers mobile app TipRanks Stock Sentiment Zoom in on your options chain Zoom in on your options trade analysis Zoom in on your options chain Zoom in on your options trade analysis Zoom in on your options chain Zoom in on your options trade analysis Zoom in on your options chain Zoom in on your options trade analysis Zoom in on your options chain Zoom
Apps for the IBKR Mobile Global Trader

Zoom in on your watch list in the Interactive Brokers Global Trader App; zoom in on the latest stock market news and analyst ratings; zoom in on key indicators for evaluating a stock’s performance; and zoom in on your trade order confirmation in the Interactive Brokers Global Trader App.
currency pound
Putting money into the UK.

When it comes to trading apps in the UK, we also recommend Interactive Brokers. Check out, our sister site, for more information.

ETRADE – Traders’ Choice for Best Stock App Company emblem for ETRADE
ETRADE’s collection of mobile apps for iOS and Android smartphones is highly regarded. There are two apps included in the ETRADE package: the more general-purpose ETRADE Mobile and the more advanced Power ETRADE.

Despite its apparent simplicity, E*TRADE Mobile boasts a surprising depth and breadth of functionality, making it suitable for investors of all experience levels. There are high-level study reports available, and each chart features 10 indicators. The app’s interface makes it simple to find and use its various components.

Yet, the greatest trading app for frequent users is Power ETRADE. More than a hundred different charting indicators and complicated trade orders are available. Although it’s a powerful platform with advanced features for serious traders, the app’s sleek UI and intuitive layout make it a breeze to use. For more information on ETRADE, please read our comprehensive review.

Examples of the E*TRADE Mobile App

Mobile ETRADE account overview, mobile ETRADE watch list, mobile ETRADE markets overview, mobile ETRADE stock quote, mobile ETRADE chart, and mobile ETRADE option chain zoom in
Mobile Apps by E*TRADE’s Powerful Engine

Power ETRADE mobile Snapshot P&L, Power ETRADE mobile trade ticket profit loss diagram, Power ETRADE trade ticket Snapshot analysis, Power ETRADE account overview, Power ETRADE watch list, Power ETRADE stock details, Power ETRADE advanced charting, Power ETRADE futures trading ladder, Power ETRADE Earnings Move Analyzer, Power ETRADE mobile Snapshot P&L, Power E*TRADE mobile trade ticket, Power

The broker’s more beginner-friendly mobile app, E*TRADE Mobile, is demonstrated.

Best App for Newcomers: Fidelity
Company emblem for Fidelity Investments
Our Best Overall Broker for 2023, Fidelity, has a number of mobile apps available for both Android and iOS, with its investing app serving as the core offering for trading and everyday investing. Fidelity’s investing app is great for everyday investors, whether you’re banking, transferring money between accounts, handling orders, or conducting trades, while beginners will like Bloom and Spire.

Similar to Fidelity’s Active Trader Pro desktop platform, the app includes a tailored feed, news headlines, and research in addition to live TV from Bloomberg. ConsThe app isn’t great for day traders or those who are pickier about their charts. Users may also choose to a Beta Experience for a stripped-down version, and the design is outstanding with new features being introduced often. Check out our in-depth discussion about Fidelity.

Gallery of Fidelity Mobile Apps

Account homescreen Zoom in Accounts summary Zoom in Stock watch list Zoom in Stock quote Zoom in Expanded chart Zoom in Market overview Zoom in Further market research Zoom in Order ticket Zoom in Fidelity Mobile app
The Bloom and Spire app stores from Fidelity Investments

Choose between views of your Fidelity Bloom or Fidelity Spire account homescreen, your Fidelity Bloom or Fidelity Spire account shopping offers, your Fidelity Bloom or Fidelity Spire account learning education badges, and your Fidelity Bloom or Fidelity Spire account growth challenges summary.
Top Financial and Study App: Merrill Edge

Merrill Edge’s innovative approach to serving its customers makes even mundane tasks like monitoring investments and conducting stock and fund research enjoyable. Despite the abundance of detail available when necessary, Merrill hits the ideal mix between presenting just enough information to make educated judgments and overwhelming users with data. We see this as a major breakthrough. Merrill Edge is a simple way for customers of Bank of America (Merrill’s parent company) to add self-directed investing to their existing banking relationship. Check out our in-depth discussion about Merrill Edge here.

Samples of Mobile Apps by Merrill Edge

Mobile Merrill Edge home screenMobile Merrill Edge watch listMobile Merrill Edge stock quoteMobile Merrill Edge stock chartMobile Merrill Edge stock detailMobile Merrill Edge more stock detailMobile Merrill Edge ETF quoteMobile Merrill Edge options chainMobile Merrill Edge options quoteMobile Merrill Edge researchMobile Merrill Edge marketsoverviewMobile Merrill Edge guidanceMobile Merrill Edge m
Gallery of Stock Narrative Tools in the Merrill Edge Mobile App

Performance of Merrill Edge stocks, comparisons to similar companies, earnings information, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) rankings may all be viewed by clicking on the appropriate tabs in the Merrill Edge stock story.
Several trading apps were evaluated.
We analyzed a total of 12 mobile brokers in 2023, five of which ranked among our best picks. A few key takeaways from our mobile app testing are detailed below.

We gave Ally Invest a high mark for its user-friendliness and found that its mobile app provided access to a range of useful trading tools. But, when compared to other brokers in the same field, it falls short. Learn the whole story by reading the review.

Despite being a top full-service broker, Charles Schwab’s mobile trading experience falls short in two important areas that are essential for busy traders: alerts and quotes. The complete review may be read here.

Although Firstrade’s mobile app is attractive and simple to use and provides outstanding charting, the company’s other tools are weak and fall behind those of market leaders. The complete review may be read here.

J.P. Morgan Self-Directed Investing – The bank-mobile brokerage’s app offers simple access to investment, education, and market news, although the interface may be improved. The complete review may be read here.

Robinhood – Robinhood’s mobile-first approach makes it great for newcomers, but the app’s sparse feature set puts it far behind the competition. The complete review may be read here.

SoFi Invest – The SoFi app is straightforward and simple to use, however it lacks in functionality. The complete review may be read here.

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