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A Guide to Making the Most of the Internet’s No-Cost Offerings.
Taking advantage of Pakistan’s free internet in this way is the most logical, creative, ethical, and legal option. Telenor Pakistan and Facebook have introduced the initiative to Pakistan, making it the sixth country to do so. Millions of people in Pakistan do not have access to the internet, but Facebook’s campaign hopes to change that., available on the Google Play Store, will allow users of Telenor’s 2G and 3G networks to access the World Wide Web without cost. Using this innovative method, you may gain limitless online access. It is anticipated that other telcos and content suppliers will soon join Facebook in this endeavour.

Tips for navigating For unrestricted access to the web in Pakistan:
To use this service, you must have a SIM card from the Telenor network. Download the mobile app to your iOS or Android device. It’s easy to get online with your mobile device once you’ve downloaded and installed the app for Android, iOS, or Windows Phone from

Zong’s 3G service for mobile devices is something you can enable. We make no promises, but you’re welcome to try it out. In order to access the free Zong internet service, you’ll need a smartphone running Android 4.0 or later, a Zong Prepaid SIM card, and the Psiphon app.

How to get ZONG’s free internet.
To get started, simply text the letters “CFD” to the number 6464.
• Make sure to include “Zongwap” in your APN creation.
• Get Psiphon v3 and install it on your mobile device.
Zong 4G, the leading data provider in Pakistan, has upgraded its self-care app and introduced a phenomenal ‘Free 4GB Data’ offer for new app signups.

With over 6 million downloads, My ZongApp prioritizes user convenience and comfort for its GSM and Mobile Broadband subscribers.

With the latest version of the App, Zong subscribers have instantaneous entry to all the features required to take care of their subscriptions from the palm of their hand. The My Zong app allows users to check their balance, recharge their phones, apply for a loan, and manage numerous Zong numbers.

Download the free “My Zong” app for iOS or Android to place an instantaneous order for any of Zong 4G’s Handsets or MBB devices. Customers of mobile broadband services can also easily access their Master and Child Numbers through the app.

Benefits of Using My Zong App to Access the Internet at No Cost
The new ‘My Zong App’ also contains a new user-friendly feature: a widget. It can be put on Android home screens and gives real-time information on data, voice, and SMS use, allowing Android users to monitor how much they have available.

The Customer Survey option allows users to provide their comments on the service they received. Providing real-time feedback to clients is a fundamental feature of this functionality.

Zong 4G, with its impeccable track record in customer care, places a premium on the happiness of its clientele. There is no doubt that Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network is continually developing to suit the changing needs of its clients with cutting-edge digital solutions.


That’s a terrific offer if you’re not pleased with utilizing 17 various websites for free (in a way that’s both ethical and legal).

You can use any name for your Telenor SIM card, but the APN must be most and the proxy must be set to in order to access the internet for free.

For this purpose, it should be enabled by default across all software. There is no restriction to utilizing the free internet, and you won’t be consuming any MBs. You may find out by dialling the number: *999#.

You can have all the internet time you want without paying a dime! Still, if you need further assistance locating muft ka internet, we’re ready to provide it. If so, then is the best solution. You’ve been really kind to stop by our page.

Mobilink Jazz customers get free internet service.
Jazz Internet bundle opposed 3G among all Pakistani network operators in terms of pricing and budget before PTA launched competition. The battle was won by jazz.

A total of roughly 50 million end-users use Warid and Jazz. The vast majority of people are interested in adopting this innovation in order to improve their internet connection speeds. However, the company’s bundles are extremely overpriced and offer little practical value. So, we’ve included detailed instructions based on real data that actually work with the Mobilink Jazz free Internet voucher. The 2022 Zong and Jazz Open Internet Act.

Mobilink Jazz internet code available at no cost
Mobilink Jazz is a top-tier supplier of 3G and 4G services in Pakistan. Jazz offers flexible Internet package terms, such as weekly, daily, and monthly. Mobilink Jazz has attracted a huge clientele thanks to its high standards in service quality, speed, and value.

Jazz’s free internet access code is *117*72*3#. Call this number for free 500 MB of data for 10 days. Just follow these three easy steps and you’ll have yourself some free Jazz MBs.

Follow these steps: 1.
• Enter *117*72*3# on your phone for a free Jazz MB.
• Pop-up windows will display alerts when they become available.
• You will receive 500 MBs if you are eligible for this offer.
• You’ll be able to surf the web as much as you like for the following 10 days.
Ufone customers can access the web for free.

Ufone customers can also take use of the company’s free Internet Data tricks. For further details on how to acquire free internet data, keep reading down this page.

Download the My Ufone app and get 1 GB of free data. Download the My Ufone app right now and join up to receive this special offer and other benefits. Also, the App’s numerous features are entirely gratis to use.

When downloading the Ufone app for the first time, users will be rewarded with 1GB of free data. Within the next two weeks, we will examine a wide variety of materials. A smartphone, together with the necessary hardware and software, must be acquired and installed. Get the App and use it on your mobile devices. Discounted bundles of data, text, and voice services are available and can be tailored to your specific need.

Furthermore, when you launch the App for the first time, all you have to do is input your Ufonephone number to get started. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get a notice about the free data offer. For the first week after signing up, you’ll have access to 500 MB of free bandwidth. All told, you’ll need 500 MB over the next week. It means that you have 1GB of data to use up over the course of 14 days. In a matter of seconds, the Ufone My App will have you navigating your various internet and phone options. Shopping centers, hotels, and more are all offering special deals and discounts.

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