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On February 30, 2022, Prime Minister Imran Khan upgraded the Ehsaas Program from 12,000 to 14,000. Learn how to sign up for Apna4G, verify your eligibility, and check your account balance online with the help of the comprehensive guidance provided in this section of the article.

After waiting 6 months, poor and needy women in Pakistan might receive Ehsaas’s money. Only women who participate in and finish the Ehsaas survey will receive this compensation.


To apply (register) your biometric details, you must visit the nearest Ehsaas Survey Center. They’ll want to know your CNIC number, full name, husband’s full name, family members’ names, where you work, how much money you make, and what kind of assets you own.

Fourteen Thousand Dollars from the Ehsaas Program

At first it was 12,000, but on February 28, 2022, the PM announced an increase of 2000 while addressing the people on government television. In the beginning, it was only 12000, then it was 13000, and now it’s been upped to 14000 PKR.

Our current quandary is “how can we apply & acquire” the following increased sum of $14,000 offered by the Ehsaas program. Here, you’ll find comprehensive instructions for this method. If you comply with the instructions, you will be able to (apply for and receive) Ehsaas funds once every six months.

Procedures for Requesting and Receiving $14,000

You must first verify, then apply for, then register, and then ultimately start receiving routine Ehsaas support.

First, see if you qualify for assistance by going to (SMS Method & Online Ehsaas Tracking Portal)

Second, all users who are told “they are qualified for Ehsaas support” must register their CNICs and names at Ehsaas Survey Centers.

Third, apply for an Ehsaas registered slip and wait for the government to provide your Ehsaas support funds. (You will be notified via the provided number via SMS after your funds have been received at Ehsaas Center.)

Finally, after receiving the Ehsaas Money SMS alert, you can redeem it at any of the Ehsaas centers spread across Pakistan for a total of $14,000 once every six months.

Please be aware that this is only a helpful hints article and that we do not offer any sort of registration or verification service. To view your current standing in Ehsaas, you must visit the service’s official website. Plus, we’ve included links to detailed descriptions and provided comprehensive descriptions of each step below.

Start Here (Check Your Eligibility)

To verify a normal Pakistani’s eligibility, there are two options: text message (SMS) and online (online). First, by SMS, and then via the online portal (demo provided below), you can verify your Ehsaas eligibility.

Verify via Short Message Service

Make sure there are no dashes in your CNIC when you type it in.

For a text message with this number, dial 8171.

To follow up, please expect to receive your eligibility report.

Whether or not you are approved for a loan will be indicated in a response.

14,000 SMS for the Ehsaas Program

Verify Via Account Verification System

To view the Ehsaas 8171 tracking portal, click here.

Type in your CNIC or Form Number

Put in your subscriber identity module (SIM) number now.

Go to the “Maloom Karen” page and type in a question concerning your finances.

Website gateway

Because of this, users who are given “good indicators” and who wish to participate in surveys should go to the designated locations. This section details the second stage of the process.

the next phase (Visit Registration Center)

Registration offices can be found throughout Pakistan, even in little communities. You can sign up for Ehsaas “Survey” by going there with your CNIC.

Go to the Ehsaas Polling Place

Please finish the survey.

Discuss your financial situation with the broker.

In addition, you should give a broker a property briefing.

The process of signing up and receiving a SLIP is straightforward.

This Is The Third Phase (Get Slip & Wait for SMS)

The survey will add you to the Ehsaas (NADRA) database. The Ehsaas Survey Office has issued you a slip, which you must now safeguard. This is the appearance of the Slip in question.

Sheet

Your name, CNIC, family, and member counts, as well as your mobile phone number, are all listed here. As such, it serves as evidence that your registration has been successfully added to the Ehsaas system. You will receive an SMS notification that your funds have arrived in the Ehsaas facility in a few months.

Phase Four (Receive SMS & Collect Money)

Once you’ve completed Ehsaas registration, you’ll get a slip and your CNIC and phone number will be added to their system. When your application is approved, you will receive a text message instructing you to visit Ehsaas to collect your funds. This is the final phase of the Ehsaas program, and the reward is $14,000.

Registration for the Ehsaas Eidi Program

Please refer to Ehsaas’s Taleemi Wazaif App.

Note of Urgency (Scam Alert)

Never disregard an 8171 message, since many scammers use that number to contact the needy and ask for money. You should only respond to messages sent from 8171 since any other number is likely to be a fake from Ehsaas.

As a result, by adhering to these 4 measures, you can increase the amount of money you receive from the Ehsaas program from $12,000 to $14,000. The process to sign up and get your cash, however, has been modernized. Those interested might leave a remark below for clarification.

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